• A number of war documentaries have actual deaths in them, but not in a graphic or exploitative manner, at least that I can recall.
  • I saw a documentary on hitler one time and it showed the last death by guillotine, it was actually kind of peaceful, no struggling. Gross though, the head rolls like a football:)
  • Faces of Death Parts 1,2,3,4,and 5
  • Faces of Death as well as this three hour long documentary about Japanese experiments on war prisoners during WWII. (Illegal in Canada, but it is downloadable.) Cannibal Holocaust has actual animal death. No humans though, but I'm pretty sure they filmed an actual decomposed corpse for one scene.
  • Brandon Lee was killed while making the crow.
  • Film, no. But I have seen an actor collapse and die on stage. This must have been in 1973 or 74. I went to my first opera ever: Puccini's Madame Butterfly at the London Coliseum. David Hughes was in the role of Pinkerton, and in the opera's closing moments Pinkerton enters just after Butterfly has commited suicide having waited in vain for years for his return. He calls out her name thrice and collapses in a heap when he sees her dead body. The curtain went down to the audience's applause, but did not go up for a long time for the company to appear on stage to acknowledge. At last only the prima donna Lorna Heywood came out from between the curtain parting and took a brief bow. The next morning's papers carried a small news item that David Hughes had collapsed and died on stage. So I HAVE seen an actual death on stage.
  • A stuntman died in the filming of Ben Hur's chariot race.
  • There's a documentary called Snuff. Actual snuff footage in it. I haven't seen an actual film though no. However, a film that Tom worked on about 3 years ago had a horrible stunt accident. The explosives went off too early when blowing up the barn and you can see the stuntman flying through the air. He didn't die though. Good question.
  • Director Michael Haneke's ( phenomenal director for me } film "cache" certainly seems to have a real-looking chicken decapitation but I can not say for certain and I cannot claim that it's a certainty. A great film in my opinion ,as I find most of his. +5
  • Only actual historical documentaries. Anything else goes under the category of snuff film to me.
  • Now what?
  • Twilight Zone The Movie actor Vic Morrow and two others were really killed by the helicopter, the scene is in the movie.
  • Yes. Including brutal murder from up close. But You DON'T want to see them.
  • Nope... there is a really amazing movie called Defiance which shows archive footage of actual death (Holocaust executions), but it was not filmed for the movie, of course1
  • The Watchmen features footage of the assassination of J F Kennedy.
  • Yes. The Sword and the Sorcerer w/Lee Horsely. There's a scene where the "bad guy" falls off a cliff. The stunt man landed wrong and died. The body falling was in the movie as a tribute to the stunt man. (We don't see him land.)

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