• Mary Poppins fans swear by umbrellas
  • A rubber suit, to help break your fall.
  • I am praying this is a joke.
  • You put this under "Hobbies". I hope you don't do this for entertainment.
  • Bed sheets would probably be best.
  • How 'bout a second hand anvil?
  • use a bed sheet, that way they have something to cover your dead body with so the other students don't have to see your thimble full of brains splattered all over the blacktop.
  • Umbrella shop
  • No matter how high the roof, without a parachute, you'll accelerate at the rate of 32 ft/sec/sec. The shorter the jump the bigger the parachute you will need. You have to catch a lot of air in a very short time. If you persist in this really stupid idea, I suggest that you get some surplus weather balloons. Edmunds Scientific used to have them. That way you don't have to depend on catching a large amount of air. The other way is to use a para sail. That way your velocity down is reduced to a more horizontal path that will allow more air to fill the sail and reduce your downward velocity. Also the daredevil affect will be enhanced because you will be in the air longer. You will need the notoriety when you are expelled from the school and have to find a job. I'll give you 5 points for at least doing a little research before doing a ridiculous stunt.
  • Not a wise idea. A parachute will not deploy properly in so short a distance. +5
  • It should work out whatever you do as long as you call the fire department first and let them know what you’re going to do. Be sure to wait for them, they may be very helpful in talking you out of it, or deploying safety equipment on the ground. You might be required to see a physiologist afterward. I’m sure the topic is building, it doesn’t shock me that your friends are trying to talk you into it, I mean, its not like its their necks that are on the line, they just want entertainment.
  • I actually think you shouldn't try that at all.
  • hang on a sec you want to jump off the school roof and need an umbrella too..??

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