• one who can walk in a womans shoe.
  • To me its a family man thats not afraid of responsibility.
  • I'm thinking one that's kinda big and fuzzy and has BIG feet... ;~)
  • A man who still looks masculine in a pink tutu and tiara.
  • During a conversation with a friend today, he made a disparaging remark about a mutual acquaintance claiming that he is not a “man”. I happen to like this "man”. So my immediate response was "well, what is your definition of a “man”?" Are you talking of a manly "man"? As I was asking these questions I realized that if I were to answer them, I would not have an immediate answer. What is a man (as opposed to a weasel, a "girly" man, a "I don't know what" man)? Living in a society where values are so relative, I have gotten so mixed up to the extent that I no longer know what answer I could propose for such a question without sounding naive, unrealistic, too demanding, or maybe coming from la la land. In a culture where lying is OK as long as you are not caught; deception is fine as long as you get what you want at the end; cheating is excusable as long as it makes you pass an exam; hypocrisy is expected even if your nose becomes the very definition of brown; I no longer know where to draw the line. I guess the more I think about this, the more I realize that the question is really what is a good hu”man”? Be it a manly "man" or a girly "girl". Equality is not relative and what is good for the goose is good for the gander. While pacing through my thoughts, I suddenly realized that the whole imbalance and "schizophrenic" state of bliss we find ourselves in today is the very fact that we have accepted segregation in principle and we have freely extended it to sets of absolute values that should not be subject to anything except the truth. The answer I would propose is that a good hu-wo-man is someone who is empathetic, honest, courageous, modest, generous, merciful, grounded, and most important of all just.
  • This guy: He is a giant, hypermasculine bodybuilder who collects guns and cacti. He's very intelligent, and works both at a hardware store and as a bodyguard. He also volunteers teaching and mentoring children, is nurturing & caring, has a wonderful relationship with his family, and treats his girlfriend with all due courtesy and respect, encouraging her to pursue her goals and helping her to realize them as best he can. And if that weren't awesomely manly enough, he is secure enough in his masculinity to self-describe as a male feminist ;)
  • one like your dad or grandad probably was.
  • Someone who drinks beer, loves sports, isn't very polished and drives fast.
  • A family man as opposed to a ladies man.
  • The Brawny Guy. Rugged, hairy, flannel shirt.
  • Never complain; never explain There's no crying in baseball Rub some dirt on it; walk it off Get up; you're back in the game You think you're gonna live forever? Get into the fight. Don't be a whiny, sniveling sissy But still ... Rise when a woman enters the room Hold the door for a woman, whether she wants it, deserves it, expects it, or not Pay for dinner; accept gracefully if she wants to Play with kids; play NICE with kids Enjoy your daughter's tea party with the fuzzy bunnies.
  • i know that a manly man tends to be one who other men aspire to be like - good dad, great gentleman, etc. but, the term at first blush makes me think of a a gay male.
  • NOT: A 9 stone weakling that's had 5 pints of wifebeater and carries a knife.
  • Richard Simmons as butch as john Wayne`s Jockstrap.
  • A man who eats his Manwich. lol
  • 7-23-2017 There are many answers and nearly all of them miss one or more important distinctions.
    • Jewels Vern
      While pondering this question, I realized that I have known several "manly" men and in every case I resolved never to resemble them in any way. They were all jerks, not good enough for me to imitate.
  • totally stupid and bogus title.......'manly'..what the hell is that supposed to mean? another stereotype that I hope soon disappears!!!! But I SUPPOSE it means someone who's himself, comfortable in any situation, and acts a little masculine in everything....see how dumb it all is??? oh well.......

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