• Every child should have a certain idea of what is their expected bedtime is.
  • I think that they should be in bed by like say 12 but not like okay ur 18 and u have to be in bed at 8. Cuz if u say anytime they will make it ike 3 am
  • I let my daughter go to bed when she wanted to and guess what - she would get tired and go to bed. I gave her choices, we did not fight and she went to bed when she was tired. I learned this from my mother who never gave me a curfew - but everybody else had to go home so i did. But I felt like I had a choice.
  • They should set a bedtime. Children of that age need their sleep.
  • That depends upon the maturity of the individual. One of my five children had sufficient self-control to set his own bedtime based upon what was going on tomorrow when he was about 14. Another of my children never DID learn enough self-control and had to have almost everything scheduled for her.
  • Children are still children, and need guidelines and boundries until they are old enough to set them for themselves. If a child shows themselves to be self-sufficient, and can put themselves to bed at an appropriate time each night, then allowing them the leeway of doing it is usually acceptable. If a child does not show themselves to be responsible, then it is usually customary to give them a set bedtime, since as parents, it is our responsibility to teach them, and this is indeed, part of teaching.
  • depends on the child. I was not capable of going to sleep each night, I was uncontrolably nocturnal. the only way I could function was to only sleep every other day going straight to bed after school (because I could fall asleep then easily and staying asleep was never a problem) and wake up in time for school the next day, then not sleep the next night at all. there were times I would be passing out tired at 6PM but if I did not go to sleep before 7 PM I would be awake until dawn. my mom was NOT understanding and that lead to a 20 mile 2AM bikeride.
  • Karen and I made the kids go to their rooms at a certain time, but they were able to read as long as they wanted. It just had to be quiet time.
  • This is what my mom said to me as a teenager. I don't care what time you go to bed just be in your bedroom by 10pm so I can have a break. But if you do not get up in the morning, on your own, and go to school, getting there on time, or if your grades start to slip because you are always to tired, or if you complain that you are tired, you will be going to bed at 8pm every night. It worked. I did stay up a couple of times really late and forced myself out of bed, because my mom always made good on her word. After a few times of doing that to myself I figured out what was the best time for me. It also taught me responsibility that I could take into adulthood.
  • i would tell them 10 would be a good time to be thinking about going to bed and then they should probably want to go to bed because they will be tired i am in high school and my parents didnt tell me to go to bed because we used to go all at the same time which was 10 but then as i had to get up earlier each year i just wanted to go to bed because i was super tired so i think eventually they will want to go to bed then so i think 10 is a good time. but on the weekends they shouldnt have a set bedtime because its there free time i mean if they have something to do you might tell them to go to bed a little earlier so your not tired but if they dont have anything to do then i dont think it matters what time on the weekends hope this helps :)
  • I don't have any kids myself so I don't really know squat, but judging from my two younger siblings (who have completely opposite parenting styles)and their childrens' bedtimes or lack thereof I would say routine and a consistant sleep schedule are not only good for the kids it's good for the marriage!
  • yes it should be set.
  • High Shaman, there should be a bedtime for kids and teens until they are 15. In my opinion, 15 year olds are semi-adults and they should be able to go to bed whenever they want just like grown-ups. When I was 15, I had no bedtime, I even went to bed at 04:00 am and I ended up just fine.
  • time! with technology nowadays they will be up all night +5
  • My daughter is 14, and has no set (by me) bedtime. She is always in bed by 10...her choice. She does, afterall, still have to get up early for school.

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