• As long as they are looking and not lazy, sure. I just cant stand people who sit back and let everyone else take care of them.
  • Well I don't have a job either so why not :)
  • Of course i would, i don't base my feelings on money, i make enough money to take care of a family so that wouldn't bother me at all, i think girls look differently at this then men, but to most men they don't look at this.
  • I have... would I do it again? That I am not so sure about. It would completely depend on the situation and person. My previous experience ended badly, finding out the person didn't have any money or a job for a reason besides a bad economy or bad luck... and actually had issues kicking his ass back into his mother's basement.
  • I would not date a lazy person. Then again I am married and have to love my husband whether he has money or not.
  • Why? You got somebody in mind?
  • Check this is better to meet someone when their a little down and out, then to meet someone when their on the up and up. Why? Because thats when you know that your involved with a genuine person who will love you authentically. So many men make the mistake of feeling like they must be rich to capture the right sweethearts attention....that theory of mind is faulty and filled with loopholes. The status of his finances currently have no correlation to the incentive of his mind. As long as he has a game plan that he is working diligently towards, than a good woman will be in his corner while the bucks are low. Also, a smart woman will thinking of ways to make her own money.
  • If i read youq question correctly - this is not someone who has ambition (anything that would lead to one). If they were unemployed,but employable and actively looking - yes I would date them. If they had no interest, no ambition and liked being unemployed, no I would not.
  • Yeah... I mean, as long as he is looking for a job, has aspirations, and has intelligence and drive then definitely. Besides, I am a good luck charm for people like this. I have a proven record! Men start dating me while jobless and on benefits - and by the time we split they are investment bankers and management consultants. Its my duty to use my gift ;)
  • If I liked him enough, yes. I'm still younger than 20, so this isn't an issue for me right now.
  • If they are actively looking for a job and not just sitting on their butt expecting someone to take care of them then yes. Jobs are very tough right now and to not date them because they can't find one would be wrong. As for being poor that could be an advantage. They won't ask you to sign a pre nup. I am not exactly rich. If the man isn't employed though I would expect him to do things like help around the house, etc when he's not looking for a job. There is a BIG difference in not being able to find a job and not wanting one.
  • I hope dating is not the only thing that occupies him. He needs to have something else important in his life too.
  • Date? I married someone who was relatively poor and had no job.
  • I did more than date, I ended up creating a child with living with and supporting someone like that. +4
  • No. Just no. No ambition, no me.
  • YES; It isn't about how much $$$ that they have or will have ; BUT about the PERSON themselves ... There are way too many many materialistic people out there who only care about how much $$$$$ someone has or WILL have , how nice their car or vehicle is ... etc etc .. I call them BOTTOMFEEDERS ... +5
  • mhh NO
  • i might since im guilty of that myself
  • That would depend on the circumstances.

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