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  • Obviously it goes without saying that not all men are like that. I did have one ex though who thought it was the biggest turn on. He was a virgin before we got together, so I suppose he still had a lot to learn about sex and sexual relationships. What he knew he knew from porn (maybe its porn's fault!). I hope that he's improved his mindset for his next girlfriend, because it was just wrong. It's just some men like him find it a turn on due to what it says about their own strength or power, or an ego boost - especially if the women being hurt sexually happens through intercourse. Unless its part of some kind of mutually wanted festish, I think its completely screwed up.
  • Some people enjoy a bit of domination or even pain involved in sex. I don't see an issue with it as long as consent is involved and both participants enjoy it. obviously there are limits though, and I would point out that most men do not enjoy physically hurting their sexual partners.
    • Priya Bansal
      If Jadey's posting on this forum and saying things like "I hope he's improved his mindset for his next girlfriend," I'm very certain consent was not involved.
  • I can't believe I'm being so negative today, but . . . real men don't.
  • Why are some men scuh control freaks, and narrow-minded, and ignorant on what it truly means to have a free society, that they refuse to accept that different people enjoy different thrills, and so have to impose their own standards on what kinds of kinky sex that other people enjoy doing, even when it is in private and mutually consensual? That is soooo sick! (Yes, fell free to DR me because you don't like what other people do in private that differs from what you enjoy doing in private... )
    • Priya Bansal
      So you just assume consent?
  • I 100% agree with Smile's answer. It takes a real man to share Intimacy with a woman. Sexual deviance as this is formed out of a lack of ability to share that intimacy. Certain types of "Role playing" between a couple who have the trust between each other can be fine, but a male who can only be satisfied through this kind of domination cannot be described as a real man and has issues being able to express the confidence in himself through the sexual intimacy shared between a Man and a woman
  • I'm guessing but there are three possible reasons. 1. They have emotional problems and are rapist at heart. 2. It speaks to their primal nature. (if you look at animals, it is not always a pleasurable things for the female of the species). He wants to feel like king of the jungle. 3. Their partner consents to being submissive and non compliant because it turns them both on. (role play) On a personal level, I don't get it. But with the exception of the first two. Different strokes for different folks.
  • what bigger boost to the ego can there be? If you can make someone suffer during sex to serve your sexual pleasure, you are the unquestioned master. Men who like to make a woman suffer during sex are almost always suffering from severe masculine inferiority complex. men who feel secure have no desire to hurt thier women sexually or any other way. The same applies to those who prefer to sexually degrade thier woman. Real men want to make it a pleasurable experience.
  • I find that sort of fetish to be disturbing. It doesn't make any sense because sexual activity is about feeling good, not about being destroyed. Also, I think there are some women who play that kind of game as well. I was bitten by a nymphomaniacal woman once, ONCE, I was finsihed with her after that little trick.
  • Maybe men who are like that don't see it that way.
    • Priya Bansal
      Yes, and we should care more about their feelings than about women like Jadey here getting emotionally and physically scarred against their will. Because they're men. And when it comes to sex, everything they want goes
  • Wouldn't it be more accurate to phrase your question as "Why do some men . . . . "? Here's a twist, Blondie: Why do some women like to be sexually hurt or like to be filmed getting sexually hurt? Remember, there are some women who enjoy it. Not everything YOU like sexually is what everyone else likes, right? And there are things that you dislike which other people do like. Personally, I do not equate sex and pain as positive counterparts. Bondage has absolutely no turn-on effect for me, so I cannot answer your question.
    • Priya Bansal
      Yes, not everything Jadey likes sexually is what everyone else likes. But if it's something that a boyfriend of her likes, she should just lay there and take it and not complain about it because, after all, some women like it
  • '''NOT''' ALL MEN DO.
  • there are men that they like that.NOT ALL men are sexists and like that...but its has nothing to do with sexuality etc...this is violence...and they are not real men if they really hurt opinion?i hate hurting women and i hate men who do that...
  • only sick men do, most men are not like that nor would they want to inflict that on a woman, what kind of people do you know???
  • I'm not quite sure what you're talking about here. If you're talking about guys who literrally punch the snot out a woman while having sex with her, then yeah, I don't get that either. But if you're talking about sex that gets so wild and forceful that it actually makes the woman sore, then it's not the women being hurt that's the turn on - the pain is incidental. The appeal is the pure unbridled passion - two red blooded animals goin at it without the slightest concern for safety or injury. Having said that, personally, I prefer encounters with a nice balance of passion and tenderness.
    • Priya Bansal
      If the woman is sexually hurt, for whatever reason, and the man finds it to be a turn on while the woman is so upset about it she goes to a forum to talk about it... you don't think that's wrong?
  • Agree that it is totally sick. +1
  • They don't to my knowledge. That's sick. A man and woman are to become one flesh in a union of love. It's sacred, it's not meant to be perverted like that.
  • Mother issues. These men are usually controlled so much by their Mothers in adulthood that venting on the weaker species gives them jollies. They are sick.
  • "Men" don't enjoy watching that kind of thing. A handful of deviants do, however.
  • Sexual sadism.
  • They hate that they themselves are so dependent on women and regard the hurt and humiliation as payback.
  • well i dont!

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