• "I got your nose"
  • I don't tease children or animals because they look up to me with trust in their eyes. Do you?
  • Tease a child? Me? Be so cruel? *deamonic laughter*. If I am feeling particularly mean, I will tease them by taking the mick out of them lightly to the point where they want to kick me hard (and who can blame them?) I don;t reserve this for kids though... my mother would still boot me up the bum if I gave her half the chance!
  • they tease me much more than I tease them!
  • skunk in a barn yard... pee-uuu.... who did it come from.... from you!!!!
  • Tell them they're adopted... lock them in a closet and pretend like your leaving....put a scary object in bed with them for when they wake up....NO, I'M KIDDING, HONEST!
  • I pretended I didn't know the 8 year old son of one of my friends when he said hello to me. I shook his hand, said I was pleased to meet him and how did he know me. I kept this up for 5 minutes or so until he'd told me all about himself and what he knew of me and then said that I must have lost my memory but he'd helped me get it back. I obviously didn't convince him though because, when his brother arrived on the scene he said, "Play the same trick on Daniel."
  • Repeat every thing they say.. OR Act like they aren't there..asking where is such and such. OR Tell them their name is Something else like.Just start talking to them calling them ralph or something insisting that this is their name.
  • But of course I have to answer my own question! My wife and I raised two girls. The eldest (Heather) was very serious and intelligent, and would deeply ponder anything she found interesting. When she was 8, she was under the dining room table one day and tore off one of the "Not to be removed except by the consumer" furniture tags attached to the underside of the chairs. I saw this transgression and instantly switched into my Shock and Awe reaction -- that anyone would have the nerve to trifle with something So Clearly Marked as Forbidden. She was young enough to fall for for it, fortunately, and seemed genuinely nervous about the possible repercussions I explained: fines, possible imprisonment in the Department of Consumer Affairs, nasty interviews and visits from the Commissioner of the Consumer, at the very least a background investigation. I reassured her that I would do my best to protect her, that we would (if necessary) mortgage our home for her legal defense... while my wife did her best to stifle her laughter. The next day at work I used my computer to compose a very official-looking Waiver of Consumer Tag Removal Penalty application form, complete with document identifiers and a seal / logo from the Department of Consumer Affairs. I brought this home and had Heather sign and date it, assuring her that I had used by biggest booming bureaucratic BS-slicing voice to cut through the red tape and civil servant insolence on the phone in order to get this waiver. My wife and I had a good laugh about it, and then all was forgotten... for a few years... until one day Heather came storming in the front door after school, red faced and mock-livid with anger: "I just found out that WE'RE the consumer!!" she screamed. I had no idea what she was talking about.
  • Hang or dangle something they really want above their head and laugh at them and then swing it near, but they cannot quite reach. Great fun!
  • when i taught gymnastics i would tell little little kids to bite their own ear. you'd be surprised how many tried!
  • When my kids ask me something I reply back to them with the word what and see how many times they will repete themselves.
  • when they start crying, mock them, its funny
  • I always tease my friend's 6 yr old son about his girl friend.
  • Speak to them without making a sound and letting them think they are going deaf. I only do this to my older niece and nephews. Then we all have a good laugh.
  • I misplaced this one before stableboy kindly pointed out this thread. 'Now this is a cheese plant, if you check every day, under here, you'll eventually find a lump of cheddar. This is where cheddar cheese comes from.' also 'I'm coming to teach your class tomorrow, you're teacher's asked me to give her a day off' and daddy's old favourite 'pull my finger'
  • Probably finding coins or bills in their ears. They seem to like it. As a matter of fact, I wish I could pull some Gold Eagles out of my ears.

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