• It's really not so bad. You'll be OK :)
  • I would not, but than I was not. How do you feel with living with the pain of not having it done? You have a pretty simple choice. +5
  • Get a good dentist. That is the key.
  • Go for it. I have had all but one of mine removed, and have an appointment at the end of the month th have the last one removed after I have my baby. It hurts, yes, but your dentist will give you painkillers, and that will take care of it for the most part.In the end it is worth it, there's almost nothing as bad as having a constant toothache. Good Luck! +4
  • Go ahead and get it done .... it isn't THAT bad .. You'll be as good as new in a day or two .... +5
  • I have had mine pulled and it was not too bad. Some people do better than others. Most people do fine. All though it is not the same, my optician once said to me as I was arguing between bifocals and transitional lenses “Woodshill (as he bent over and got close to my face), I know you don’t think the transitional lenses will work, but millions of people use them”. That being said, find a really good oral surgeon (not a dentist) and has it done correctly. It will only make it worse if you wait. Best of luck to you.
  • get it done, get it over with. it may be uncomfortable for a few days but it's great not having to deal with the intermittant pain of keeping them for the rest of your life.
  • Dear friend, just do it! I had all four of mine removed at one. Two of them pulled and two of them were impacted. After about three days i was quite alright. Your mouth heals faster than any other part of your body. q:)
  • Why would you be "so scared to have it done"? You'll be fine. Life goes on. :)
  • Don't fear.Just get on with it.BTW, I never have had wisdom teeth at all.Does it make me unwise??I have only 24 teeth now and 2 I pulled out with my hands and two by the dentist! Haha!+
  • You'll be fine, nearly everyone has their wisdom teeth removed at some point. My friend was in and out in a couple of hours, and she was fine in a matter of days. Drink lots of cool liquids and dont strain your mouth.
  • Do it. You could be having poison in your system from them and your health could improve as well as the pain subsiding. It only hurts for a couple of days.

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