• They may be the ones to ask.
  • Because they realize they do not need a piece of paper to love someone. They can continue to love and live with their partner either way.
  • Because to them the issue is unimportant. Marriage to someone doesn't factor into their life. I'm uninterested in Television Programs...they don't factor into my life - it's the same sort of thing.
  • Why would they? Marriage is about oppression. Truly enlightened gays know the best way to liberate themselves, and their heterosexual brethren, is to dispose of the archaic institution of marriage, not expand it to oppress more people.
  • Because they dont. Some people dont think marriage is important.
  • because I don't want to get married. Self centered and proud of it.
  • Some gay people don't want to be married just like some straight people don't. If they are not invested, they aren't as driven to make it legal.
  • Perhaps because they are more interested in fickle, indiscriminate, multiple-partner screwing. The earliest casualties of the AIDS epidemic averaged over 100 different contacts a year.
  • The same reason some heterosexual people are uncaring about whether gay marriage is legal or not - because they feel it does not affect them or their life. Right or wrong, it's just the way it is.
  • Perhaps because that particular injustice doesn't affect their lives, or because they don't consider it significant in the face of larger injustices worldwide.
  • Not everyone likes to get married.
  • Could it be flawed attempt to have pseudo-acceptance from thde general public. Side with the oppressor like a house homosexual?
  • I guess no desire to get married.
  • Because their being gay does not mean that they are required to share your beliefs and attitudes.
  • Some people just don’t care about the institution of state sponsored marriage. The logical members of that group must, therefore, abstain from taking a side.
  • The intelligent ones know that marriage is a scam that only benefits florists, bakers, and divorce lawyers.
  • Maybe it's the word "marriage." I'm gay, but not interested in participating in the institution of marriage again. I do, however, care deeply about equality. I believe that domestic partners, straight and gay, should be entitled to the same rights and privileges as "married" people. I'm referring to things like tax advantages, family medical coverage, adoption, and hospital visitation rights. There is a flip side to all of that, though. Along with the privileges there are responsibilities. There is a reasonable expectation of meeting requirements for rights such as those listed above. (You can't file a joint tax return with a guy you just met on New Years Eve - hyperbole intended.) There should be a definitive generation of the legal relationship, and likewise, when necessary, a definitive termination of the legal relationship. I know - it sounds like semantics to me, too. But that's what words are, and maybe it's the word "marriage."
  • define 'marriage' first... is lack of marriage preventing them from living together and having sex? (apply this also to hetero couples) marriage is just a term - used to define two people OF THE OPPOSITE SEX who decide to live their whole life together until death seperates them. whether people (gay or not) are married or not is irrelevant in today's society... it's all relative, and a formal cermony. i really cannot comprehend why people are insisting there being gay marriage. the thing violates the term's definition. it's like wanting to call two pieces of paper which are stuck by glue 'marriage' just because they are tied together indefinately. i think 'cohabitation' should be the term to use instead of marriage - it's all a question of wording after all, and if both terms, marriage and cohabitation, are recognised by the governments, this would solve a lot of problems related with benefits of being married etc. just put things in perspective please.
  • Just because you are gay, doesn't make you a fighter for any cause. This just proves again that gay people are just like everyone else. We can have just as much of a lack of conscious of anyone else.
  • The gays i know, all care, even if they do not want to exercise that right... in fact most get very passionate about it.
  • Without reading the other posts, here's my 2 cents. I'd bet you'd find less people in Florida that care whether it's legal than in Missouri. This is b/c in states like Florida, Texas, NY, etc... have civil union laws. Missouri does not. If two people who love eachother want to get married, they should be able to. However, if every state adopted civil union rights, the debates would be far fewer. If the situation were reversed & it wasn't legal for me to marry my husband, I'd be devistated if I weren't allowed to make decisions for him if he were unable to, or collect life insurance for our children, or be on his medical insurance, etc...
  • For much the same reason many straight folks do.
  • Ask them how would we know? I have neveret any who didnt care. Ive met some who didnt want to get married but there are many hetero sexuals who dont want to get married either.
  • maybe cause theyre not planning on getting married

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