• Any dimes. (Plural). I believe that the source for the funding will come from the same places that the WMD are hiding in.
  • The public option will bankrupt this country. It will cause tens of thousands to loose thier jobs. It will usher in an era of socilized, government controled crap care. Have fun waiting for 6 months for a critical procedure. Enjoy the quality of that procedure to be so low that you'll likely die and have a great time paying for the "insurance" of those who simply refuse to help themselves. Ahhh democrats... you guys realy know how to destroy a country.
  • Yes we do know how these numbers The businesses and governments that received TARP funds were asked how many jobs they created with those funds. That is the origin of the job estimate.
  • Perhaps because 'sane' Americans understand the public option for what it actually is: an OPTION. And, no, we're not naive enough to believe it will be free. However, it will be nice to know that at least one insurer in the market will not deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions, will not spend 30% of its revenue on advertising/marketing, and will not back-date stock options so that its CEO gets a gigantic 'golden parachute' . . .
  • Sane Americans aren't gullible tools of the health insurance scammers.
  • We know exactly where the numbers came from - the businesses that received stimulus funds reported how many jobs were saved or created by the money. Obviously public health insurance will cost money, but so do armed forces, interstate highways, Social Security, and, more to the point, the poorer health for unisured Americans. It's a lot cheaper to practice preventative medicine than to treat a major illness.
  • Commercial lending giant CIT files bankruptcy today. (11/01/2009) Hmmmm... Government spent 2.3 Billion to "save" this company. Yes of YOUR MONEY! Now it's going tits up. Along with YOUR MONEY! How many jobs do you think will be lost here???? Good job obama you really know how to waste my hard earned money.
  • Everyone knows it's all BS. There is simply a misalignment in the degree of tolerance for it depending on who's side you take.
  • Obama claims the 650,000 jobs. What he doesn't tell you is that his huge push to legalize illegal immigrants, takes away 1,124,000 jobs from American citizens. The lying jerk.
  • What they don't mention is that we lost over a million jobs, but we created 650,000. That still looks like a loss to me and we're going to continue to loose jobs. And the "Consumer Option" that won't be optional? Will cost us over a trillion dollars, per the CBO.
  • SIMPLE MATH: 780 billion / 650,000 jobs = $1,200,000 per job. if these 2 figures are correct, even if the stimulus covers those jobs for 2 years, it would still be costing us $600,000 a year a job!!! I WANT ONE OF THOSE JOBS!!! on the other hand, the bush administration doubled the national deficit, from $5.0 trillion to $11.8 trillion = $6.8 trillion overspent / 8 years = $850 billion per year in overspending by gwb. that means that gwb overspent $70 billion more ALL 8 YEARS than bho did in that stimulus package. furthermore, in the last year of the gwb administration, through the federal reserve, gwb bailed out businesses and financial institutions by over $2 trillion. no republicans OR democrats discuss these economic FACTS!!! you're right! a comprehensive public option in health care will cost us money. most of those uninsured are uninsured because: 1 - they're young and healthy OR 2 - they have a pre-existing condition. prevention and early care for them will cost half of what it costs us now to give them care. health reform will reduce bankruptcies and save health insurance and providers and patients money. health reform will create jobs - where spending increases, so do jobs. health reform will create competition among insurance companies. in 1945, congress passed legislation making the states responsible for health care. the u.s. supreme court tip-toed around this, essentially saying that it was, indeed, a federal responsibility and that whenever congress decided to resume responsibility for interstate commerce for insurance, it could do so. as such, insurance companies violate the sherman anti-trust act. they make 30% profit whereas they made only 5% just 10 years ago. if we take away excessive profits through introduction of capitalistic ideas into an oligopolistic system as we have now, the increased cost will be absorbed by the excessive profits. if we create the health care system correctly, which is very difficult for congress to do, we can introduce competition, reduce costs, cover everyone, focus more on prevention and research so that we can prevent diseases cheaply rather than treat them at tremendous cost.
  • not sure how they can believe that

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