• ..tie him to a chair...paint him with makeup, take a pic and threaten to share it with everyone he knows....
  • Ignore him. He's just doing it to get your attention, which you evidently are giving him in spades.
  • All in all you simply can't hes your brother he looks up to you whether you know it or not, just try to be a good emulation for him.
  • Ignore him every time he does something that irritates you. Don't show that you're annoyed, don't shout at him, don't get stressed. Just flat-out pretend he's not there.
  • Talk to your parents - I would be concerned
  • First of all I don't know how little your little brother is but, it sounds like he is bored to me and perhaps you should try and get him interested in something to occupy his time constructively. It is actually a pretty common situation.
  • How little is he? Did you try saying "shut up, stop following me, and flat out LEAVE ME ALONE!" What was his response to that? You could always try a bribe - tell him that if he does what you say, the next time you catch him doing something wrong, you won't tell mom and dad. If he doesn't listen to you, you'll get him busted every chance you get!
  • lock yourself in your room and don't come out... Providing you have some means of entertainment. If you don't then just go outside and do something far far away from him, I doubt your parents will let their 6 year old child go into town with you so he'll have to stay home. If all else fails just ignore him as much as possible. Trust me I have a 7 year old brother and he is the most annoying child I have ever met in my entire life.
  • Hug him and kiss him in front of people and call him lovey names.
  • but he loves you, you are his idol he wants to grow up to be just like you.
  • How old is he? I always found that when my little brothers did that sort of thing, cuddling them against their will workd charms.
  • you can't
  • Add 5 cans of red beans and a bowl of bran to your diet.
  • There is no escaping it until you leave home. My little sister does it too, and she's 12. She's done it ever since she could walk. The bribing doesn't work. Being sweet and sisterly in public doesn't either. It only gets worse. Just stay away as mych as possible until you can permanitley get away from him.
  • hey whats look you probably know that your brother looks up to you if he folows you around. depending on how old he is you could tell him to get lost or if he is in middle school u should chat with him like a big bro and make him get lost. (ps if you smoke hemp chat with him sometimes wen your on it and make him feel like you care and he will learn to make his own desicions to be like you.
  • Depends, how old is he? Get him a puppy. Is he doing it to be annoying or does he admire you? If it's to be annoying you gotta stop reacting, stop being around him and he will leave you alone. Takes time though. If he admires you then tell him you need time to study or do things, but you'll have to spend some time with him. Play riddle games with him where he has to think out the answer, tell him not to cheat by googling it. If he's following you around outside let him as long as it's not stuff that can get you two into trouble but tell him if he tags along he has to obey you or he can't hang out with you at all, but don't treat him like crap. If you treat him nice later when you need a compatriot to help you get away with stuff on your parents he will be a willing accomplice.
  • Go tell your parents.
  • You know what you have to do. And I feel for you. Probably the toughest time in anyone's life is when you have to murder a loved one because they're the devil.
  • Getting your little brother is a fab idea
  • Tell him politely that it bothers you when he does that and make him a deal. For each day that he doesn't follow you around you will spend 10 minutes with him on the weekend doing something fun.
  • Give him something he likes more than you. Probably a computer game system of some kind would keep him busy. Ask him to help you with some household chores. He will either disappear, or you will get your work done faster with him helping.
  • Well you can't stop it he likes you and ur his current idol my cousin Used to do EVERYTHING that i did she finally stopped doing it at 13 or 14.... talk to him if u try to ignore him or shout at him u'll hurt him if he wants to be ur adoring fan then give it to him convince him that he doesn't need to scan ur move's to be like you...............

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