• July and August..:)
  • My favorite time is Fall...after first frost. Just a more pleasant time for me and most of the pesky insects are absent. The campire is a lot more enjoyable as well.
  • During the summer months, June-August. +5
  • March-June, (depending on rain)
  • January +5
  • March to July.
  • all the time! but i am partial to beach camping in the summer and snow shoeing and building snow caves to sleep in during the winter. (yes, it's possible to do this safely. boy scouts troops in my area learn it!) what about your local area?
  • We are the luckiest people in the US, because every day is the best time to go camping here. I took my grandson's to Mr Lassen National Park one year right after it opened (after winter closing). The nights got down to 32 degrees, but the days were sunny and bright. We stayed in a tent, with our fleece jammies and wool blankets, and hiked all day long. We can visit Yosemite National Park in the winter, and walk on top of the snow to visit the sights, about 5 feet above the street level, and sleep in our winter sleeping bags, or visit in the Spring and see all the falls, creeks, and such running full and beautiful, and enjoy the mild weather. Since the development of micro fiber and down sleeping choices, there is no limit to the day or season. We have so many choices in tents - there is no limit. I have an easy-up two room tent, with a screened porch, and I enjoy every season.

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