• A very mean watch cat.
  • its not possible to make it burglar proof, or stay in? then they will have to muc you. I know some they say just leave a radio on , that will help alot.
  • Leave the doors unlocked.
  • Other than the inside and outside dogs...nothing.
  • Got a security system that blasts when anybody comes in unauthorized...and an alarm goes off in the cop cars all over town. Seriously. It is great. You just have to remember to shut it off when you come home.
  • Locked the doors & windows, and the dogs sleep close to the door. Used to keep a baseball bat, but it's been misplaced. Need to find that thing.
  • I cleverly don't possess anything worth stealing and live in an apartment that advertises the fact from the outside.
  • Nothing other than lock the doors. I do keep a chair with wheels underneath my window though. If a burglar jumped through, he might twist an ankle, if I'm lucky.
  • Nothing. We rent. We have two deadbolts on the front door and a security screen in front of it with two deadbolts. All the windows have locks and dowels. The sliding glass door has a lock and dowel. Now, if someone really wants in they can smash windows I suppose but they would be wasting their time since the only things of value we have are of sentimental value. If someome wants an afghan that my grandmother knit for me 65 years ago and wants it badly enough to steal? Well, they can have it but I think my grandmother who is long-since gone will make their lives a living he**! :) ((hugs))
  • Renewed and strengthened my garden fence, and all my windows and doors are double glazed and have security locks fitted.
  • I thought about putting up a bunch of rattle snake heads around my front door. A potential burgler will think I'm insane and avoid my house.
  • A large dog and nothing worth stealing.
  • I don't have anything worth stealing. There is very little in my home that would bring anything from a fence or pawn shop. There is nothing outside my home that would tend to make a burglar think twice, like an expensive car or a boat. I have no attached garage. I do have two dogs, one of which is large and will gnash her teeth against the fence if someone dares approach. The other is small but noisy. I don't think someone is going to go to the trouble of trying to get passed the dogs to steal what little I have.
  • I keep some windows open all the time, but there are sticks in them so they can only be opened a few inches. If someone manages to ever get in they'll have to fend off a pissed off Schipperke.
  • I also have nothing worth stealing, live in a house that advertises for me that I am poor, and I have a pit bull.
  • Made it a mess. :) +5
  • Nothing. We often go out and leave the doors open.
  • I posted this helpful notice : This property protected by .357 Magnum three days a week. You guess which three. And I have some scary sounding dogs.
  • Leave out only the Betamax and the 8 track audio tapes.............
  • Moved my Mother-in-Law in.
  • ADT+S&W
  • I have installed a couple of heavy duty deadbolts. They have a unique locking device built into the bolt that can't be forced back into the door - thus preventing unwanted entry.
  • I don't own anything anyone would want!
  • That's just the sort of question an aspiring burglar would ask! But you know all of those spam emails everyone gets? Well, if anyone ever breaks into my home, I will forward them all! That's right, most people delete theirs, but I save mine, just in case! You want to come into my home and steal my silverware, well, get ready for the deal of a lifetime on authentic Japanese Steak Knives (Made in China)! You want to steal my computer? Think that'll stop me?! Just wait 'til I tell my long-lost relative who happens to be a Nigerian Prince! Before you know it, you'll be wrapped up in so many MLM marketing campaigns, that you won't have time to rob any more houses.

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