• seems like you've ran into a bit of adware, tough luck my friend. I suggest one of two options: option 1: install a program meant to combat adware such as that, and make sure you get second opinions on said program before installing. Opinions from people that use it and/or are good with computers. option 2: use your back-up disk to reinstall your OS, this will completely wipe your computers memory, including the adware program, and you'll start from scratch. Be prepared to lose everything you don't make a back-up of, and I mean EVERYTHING.
  • Make sure that the message is really Kapersky Antivirus. When you go to download the updated version, make sure it is from the real kapersky website. It might be a virus trying to get you to download a malicious program.
  • Go to the Kaspersky web site, and get the 2010 update for free, You must be running an authorised version first. the 2010 will remain on your computer until the version you have, or 1-866-525-9094. (this is a US help line) it takes 20 min. or so, but worth the wait. +6

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