• Forgive the smart-aleck-appearing answer, but if you saw a flying object that you could NOT identify, then it was definitely a UFO, simply because it could not be identified by you. Aliens are indeed real, because anyone who believes that the only humanoid-type of life forms in the entire Universe exist solely on Planet Earth, also believe that a dead person can come back to life after 3 days. Here's a very simplistic explanation about the fact that life as we know it exists on other planets: Several years ago the US Congress decided to quit supplying taxpayer funds for SETI research. Do you know why? Answer the following question HONESTLY, to understand WHY the funding was yanked: When you lose your wristwatch or your cell phone, do you CONTINUE to search for it, AFTER you have found it? +5
  • well I certainly don't know if UFOs or Aliens exist, though I tend to think there is life on other planets..but I don't claim to have seen or know about any of it being here on earth and hanging out. Seeing a real UFO doesn't even really mean could be the military piloting reverse engineered ships we built from alien tech. You may have seen one of those, you may have seen some kind of test flight of undercover aircraft, or some other weird anomoly or phenomenon..hard to tell. So I'll go with..yes aliens are real but I don't know if they are here or if they pilot flying saucers.
  • Yes we are real now please stop telling everyone or we will have to melt your brain. Sorry it's just the way we have to do things to prevent our being discovered by your governments before we are ready.
  • yes by definition you did see something flying that was beyond your identification.i don't know if it was intelligent or natural but chances are it was a natural event.but nothing is 100%.the math says we are not alone in the universe but hey who knows.
  • U.F.Os exist as long as they remain unidentified. Aliens most likely exist but whether you saw one last night is highly speculative.
  • I saw a ufo oct,26,2001 several other people in my area also saw it. It was wasn't a little dot in the sky. It was giant greyish color letter D, poorly blending in with the sky. It didn't make a sound and the corners turned red like it was building up friction then sped up at a speed more resembling a man running. I think aliens are real. To me it was unreal something like that was over the states so close after 9/11.
  • If you saw an unidentified flying object in the night sky, then (by definition) you saw a UFO. I've seen lots of UFOs. They usually turn out to be aircraft, balloons, satellites, atmospheric phenomena, optical illusions, etc. Some simply remain unidentified. If by UFO you SPECIFICALLY mean a visiting spacecraft piloted by alien creatures, then you would need some evidence to support this specific claim. Most scientists including me believe that life -- including intelligent aliens -- probably exists elsewhere within the vastness of the universe, and probably even in our own Milky Way galaxy. But, so far, evidence* of ANY kind of life ANYWHERE outside Earth = 0. There isn't any evidence. And, so far, evidence* that Earth has EVER been visited by intelligent aliens = 0. There isn't any evidence. > if aliens are real can you please tell me? They're not real. (Hope this revelation doesn't ruin your day too much :) Of course there's a huge UFO subculture that claims otherwise. They are a fringe science / conspiracy theory not taken seriously by real scientists. Sad, really. But it makes for some great sci-fi stories & Hollywood movies! It's been said that UFOs are our modern mythology. ----------- *EVIDENCE: By which I mean actual, physical evidence capable of passing the usual tests of scientific validity to rule out false evidence (including deliberate hoax) by careful analysis.

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