• How do you mean? Are you trying to lose weight?
  • There is, but it doesn't work for anyone without a genetic factor leading to obesity: Leptin injections.
  • sure there is! Eat very slowly you will become full and relise it and stop, eat to much quicky then it will be to late by the time your brain has told you that you have had enough or to much.
  • your body doesnt get full based on how many calories you eat. you don't have a colorie counting organ. it goes by how much you eat, so you need to eat foods lower in calories. just eat lots of fruit and veggies. also foods high in fiber (as well as fat) take longer to digest and will stay in your stomach longer
  • 5-19-2017 Yes, several ways. You need to study books about nutrition to learn how to do it. For one example, you can figure out how much fat you want per day and get it all for the first meal. Fat slows digestion so you have a steady supply of energy all day and you don't get hungry between meals.
  • yes, eating.

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