• The timing of your question and the article is incredible. I have a close friend who is having to cut herself off from her horrific mother. The stories she tells are terrifying. In this case, as in the article, no relationship is the best way to deal with it.
  • Can you think yourself too that how you behaving yourself with your parents? are you respecting or disrespecting your parents? are you nice and friendly with your parents? are you listen to them? are you helping them on anything that they needed? I heard that lots of families are having the same problems. In some families kids are abuse their parents too? Only God has to help on us to solve this problems. God bless on all families.
  • Drug them into submission.
  • Been there, done that. My only way to hold on to my own sanity was to realize that sooner or later I could get away, and none of it was my fault. In fact, I eloped at age 18 so I could get the hell out of that house.
  • I like what one commenter said: "I have considered often going no contact. This is a very drastic decision; I prefer to create healthy boundaries that I can maintain and not get involved in a situation I cannot walk away from." In some situations, the above strategy is effective. Unfortunately, in other cases, the doctor's analogy comparing an unhealthy parental relationship to a gangrenous limb is painfully accurate. If a person suffers from decreased self-efficacy every time she sees her parents, then it is better to sever contact. She will still have to deal with phantom pain, of course. Feeling unloved by one's parents leaves psychological scars that persist well into adulthood.
  • Do what i did. Pretend they were'n't real
  • Dissassociate yourself from the toxic family members so that they do no affect your life anymore.

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