• wow d#$k move <_< idk why you did that, but u need to come out with that u didnt really mean that and u were being a total a$$. Im sorry but i just find it irritating when people do crap like that. Say you love someone when u mean it, not when you feel that you need to appease them. It shows weakness and no self-confidence.
  • You have two choices if you don't want to take it back: 1. Stay away from him, avoid him, find things to do, don't encourage him, keep your conversation short. Eventually he will decide that you are too much work. 2. Show up with another guy. Tell him that you love him, like you said, but you love this other guy a whole lot more!
  • Now you are faced with the alternative. Spend the rest of your life on earth letting him think you love him back so you don't hurt HIS feelings. Tell him the truth.
  • He puppy loves you. It's not genuine love, it's just the new relationship butterflies feeling. Just tell him you feel like an assbag but that you can't say "I love you" again until you're sure it's genuine. Tell him it was said in the heat of the moment & you respect him too much to keep saying it while your feelings for him are still developing.
  • First, if he's only talked to you for a couple weeks, he's most likely not in love. Secondly, you'll hurt him a lot more by misleading him. Let him know you got caught up in a moment but that you do like him and want to continue to get to know him.

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