• One of the many broken promises. Obama said a lot of things to win the election. Unfortunately, that is the only reason he said those things...JUST TO WIN. :0/
  • Well -many think there was a little word play involved at the least. What was said was they would be created or SAVED - not sure how one could prove or disprove it either way but mostly it really does not matter as most make up their minds before the event based upon if they like the person or not. It's the old - "I told you so" trump card and I for one would not attempt to change ones mind either before or now. +5
  • The only jobs that have been created are either temporary or bureaucratic. He would rather grow government than grow the private sector.
  • These are broken promises...
  • There are millions working today that would not be working if nothing had been done. Perhaps the US has to go through another Great Depression and some people have to get the taste of starvation back in the mouths before they realize why we didn't want to just sit back like we did in 1929 and let the same worldwide banking collapse and spiraling unemployment happen all over again.
  • It give you hope right? That is a change.
  • There's a highway resurfacing project near my house that was paid for with stimulus money. Some of those jobs are moving asphault around; some are just waving flags at cars.
  • Well you would have to ask the Private sector that question .. the Government has done its part very well but it seems the Private sector are sitting back and doing zip to help ... but silly me I forgot these scum are great at screwing people over and racking in the money but are very slow in giving something back... typical one way street
  • My neighbor got his - perhaps yours is still waiting for you at the unemployment office.
  • Do you want one? I know where there are some hiding. If I tell you where, will you vote for me come next year? (How are you Payton who makes me sometimes feel like I've got fleas in my pants?)
  • What I can't get over is just how many people fell for that lie. Cult followings and presidential elections are not a good mix. Even when the promises were proven to be lies, the faithful followers are still buying it. Hey people, it's been a year of Full democratic power, and yet the only thing we are is even deeper in debt. Blaming bush isn't going to cut it anymore, he was bad, the one we got now, is worse.
  • Have you not seen all the czar's he has hired?
  • Dateline: Washington, D.C. - Oct 22, 2009 Today President Barack Obama did not say "Thank you" when he dropped his pen and a White House aide picked it up and handed it back to the President. This stunning development has given Answerbag member Payton another reason to hate the President. In related news, Answerbagger Old School petitioned the staff to combine the multitude of anti-Barack Obama screeds, some of which accuse Obama of being a "Marxist Kenyan Socialist Nazi Indonesian Communist Muslim", other of which decry Obama's failure to magically solve the worst economic meltdown of the past 70 years in 6 months, into a single "Obama sucks: Agree or disagree" question. Old School asserts that this consolidation would reduce 'server farm' energy consumption enough to delay the building of 3 coal-fired electricity plants.
  • American Culture is a culture of "right now, no waiting" and also very forgetful. questions like this makes me thing of promises made years ago, that many people have forgot. such as: US troops will be in Iraq for about 6 months, once they find the weapons of mass destruction, in addition, Iraqi Oil revenue will pay for the war. Fact is, only about 30% of the stimulus money has been spent, it is very hard to create jobs in a market that is depressed. since the US economy was basically running on a "buy and sell" instead of manufacturing, the shift will take some time. besides, if all presidents could accomplish their goals within the first year of office, why elect the president for 4 years?
  • With spending that much money surely the jobs are on the way,,,,aren't they,,,,come on they have to be,,,,shit,I've been had!!MMM MMM MMM Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Republicans are working overtime trying to export them.
  • I think the jobs hit a snag. There were a few, until the money ran out.
  • I dare you say something negative about Obama.He has all the answer's LOL!LOL!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You are not the only one asking. What jobs have been tracked are rare to find and cost over $500,000 per job . Had it been tax cuts instead of porkulus, then everyone who actually works and earns could have benefitted, benefits would have spread to all sectors of the economy, and we would have prosperity by now.
  • It was just one of his many lies to become president.

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