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  • i'd like a bit of both :) :) I would say it's better to be outgoing and talkative when you are socialising but quiter and shy when you are both alone :) :)
  • Really inbetween that -- More talkitive /outgoing
  • Outgoing and talkative without a doubt! I need someone compatable with me
  • I am drawn to the outgoing type like a moth to the flame. I cannot resist them.
  • Talkative- because I am and I don't like talking to myself unless I AM by myself.
  • I prefer one that takes time to think before they speak,and speaks when they have something to say.
  • shy and quiet does it for me.
  • I think a pleasnt blending of both would be nice. Sometimes when you first meet someone and they are overly outgoing and talkative it can be off-putting. If theyre too overbearing I generally lose interest. Similarly, if they are impossible to start a conversation with and just stand near you without saying a word, its equally off-putting.
  • Tough one. When meeting new people I can be quite shy myself, so someone else who is shy would make me feel more comfortable. However, if they are talkative, making conversation obviosuly requires much less effort and you don't get awkward silences. I like the quiet ones who don't talk too much in a group but when you talk to them alone or in a more intimate social environment they open up more and are more talkative.
  • Talkative and outgoing, but not so much that its embarassing.
  • Shy and quiet. This is because I am very talkative and slightly outgoing and I like to dominate relationships. And because my dad is shy and quiet and I like people who remind me of him.
  • Talkative, as long has they have something interesting to say and will listen when I speak.
  • I like to meet talkative person. It's coooooooool~
  • I wouldn't have a problem meeting both. I get along better with more talkative/outgoing types, but I generally make friends with everyone really easily.
  • Talktive, but who know when to shut up.
  • well having friends that are outgoing can be fun and all but every once and awhile having a friend that is quite and shy will say something that is having both is good as long as they like you for you it should not matter.
  • Middleground. Though the shy people tend to be the nicer ones.
  • I would prefer the person who is shy and quiet when we're with a bunch of people we don't really know that well. Then, when we're like walking where there's no one else or a few other close friends, they get a bit more talkative and outgoing! Those are the people I generally trust. And those are the people that are generally like me, in person. So... definitely the shy and quiet one. Also, it's nice to have someone who is comfortable with you whether you're quiet or in a talkative mood. I love that kind of friend. =]
  • I would prefer to meet someone who is talkative and outgoing because personally I am a shy person, and when someone else starts talking, so do I.
  • definately outgoing and talkative as it compliments my personality, althoug i have met shy and quiet and they are the ones that once unleashed they are very funny characters who have been waiting for some one to break them out of their shell :)
  • I would like a mixture of both, but if I had to pick it would be shy quiet because I can bring out the outgoing and talkative side of them.
  • I don't care for people who talk all the time, to me they are just talking to hear themself speak, like Dr.Laura she just talks to hear herself speak. So I would have to say I would much rather meet a shy & quiet person any time over a talkative person.
  • I have to say Talkative outgoing because then the conversation will never end. I want a friend just like me!!!
  • I have no preference.
  • I would prefer to meet someone talkative and outgoing not someone quiet and shy because they don't talk much and that wouldn't be much fun.
  • Definitely talkative/outgoing ! I love someone who can keep a conversation going and take me to places I have never been !
  • a little talkative.i need conversation to learn about someone.
  • id like to say talkative/outgoing. but i love a challenge. and i think i could have the most seceretive, shy, self contained person spillin their guts to me within 24 hrs

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