• Do not ask them if they are seeing someone. This shows your insecurity. If you want to go out with them, you do not care if they are seeing someone. That will be their decision: If they are seeing someone but maybe would like to see you as well. It's a game, let it play out. Stay friendly but somewhat aloof, not vulnerable. Smile a lot, offer compliments but not the usual "gee you sure look good." Maintain eye contact and don't check out other prey while with this one.
  • I don't think you should ask as a courtesy, only if you really want to know if they are or not.
  • when I was single, I ALWAYS asked if he had a wife, g/f or any type of signifigant other. I made it clear that I was not interested in being the other woman. Its not a rule. I did it becasue i did receive so much attention from married men or men who already had a g/f.
  • I just ask them out,what they say back to me is up to them.
  • I would start by asking "Are you doing anything.... whenever" and in my experience they will usually tell you if they are dating someone.
  • if your asking them out, you should know enough about them to know whether or not they have a s.o.
  • yes, you should ask if they are already taken cause you dont wanna feel awkward when they say im already seeing someone when you ask them out
  • IMO if they are with someone they really shouldn't be approchable. With the exception of just randomly walking up to a person and asking them out, flirting normally takes place before asking someone out. Therefore if they are flirting with you while with someone else they probably are not a very good person to date anyway. I say just ask them and if they are with someone don't take it personal take it as a blessing and move on to someone that don't lead people on while they're invovled. +2
  • You can ask whatever you want. There aren't any real rules. Be safe and be happy
  • Just ask them out.If they say no smack them with a tennis racket until they fall in "love";)
  • I always ask if they are involved and I've been asked if I was in a relationship. The question implies you're interested and you can tell by the way they answer if they are interested in you before you actually ask them out.
  • Just ask. They'll decide how much in a relationship they are. +5
  • Bad first question. Its too easy for them to say "yes". Just ask for a date to a movie or whatever. Who knows? maybe, its a change they have been looking for, if they are tire of "someone else". Ask and you shall receive. old man proverb.
  • No rules. Follow your heart.
  • yeah you should ask them it saves lots of trouble later lol..

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