• Not me .....
  • Yes, Darwin himself, on his deathbed, said not to take his theory so seriously. I'm one that respects the fact that it exists as a theory but for the most part, it's taught as fact. I don't think that's right. Just my opinion.
  • There is a section for creationism on AB. It's under Social Sciences, Religion, Creationism. It's mostly just a cesspit of insults and arguments though.
  • not me!
  • I don't doubt that evolution exists as a process. Darwin's personal observations were valid for their time, but the theory itself has continued to evolve. Not every theory is guaranteed to be 100% correct at it's inception and a solid theory must be infinitely adaptable to any new-found evidence in order to remain valid.
  • sure it takes all kinds of people to make up humanity.
  • Oh I not only doubt it, I flat out do not believe in it at all. That said, bring on the DR's. They always come whenever I speak my opinion on this subject.
  • What are you kidding? Being a Darwinist on this site is nearly akin to being a Nazi who eats dead babies.
  • Aren't those people called Christians?
  • I don't. Darwin was correct, as far as he went but there were a lot of things he did not know and could not know. He didn't know how genetics worked, but maybe he had some hazy idea of it. Darwin was a fair bit like Newton. Both came up with theories which were as good as could be expected, maybe even better. But there was stuff that neither knew because the experiments had not been done. Eventually, someone else came along and applied corrections. In Newton's case it was Einstein, in Darwin's case it was Mendel and a bunch of other geneticists. Much the same can be said of most scientific theories. Lavoisier did not get everything about chemistry right even though he realised that common compounds were combinations of the elements in definite proportions. Even the gas law, PV=nRT needs correction though it pretty well holds at low pressures and moderate to high temperatures. It's only at high pressure and low temperature that the corrections are really needed. There's probably dozens of other examples.
  • Mwahahahahahahahaha. You must be kidding. Half of AB think the world was created 6000 years ago or something. It's like being in medieval Europe on here - kind of entertaining.
  • Not me. +5
  • I know there are people here who doubt his theory - I am not one of them. A few small details are a bit dicey - but the general idea is a damned sound one. Man evolved from "lessor" creatures....of that I have no doubt whatsoever....that fits the facts as we know them.
  • Yeah there is a nice bunch of people who come with incomplete knowlege of the evolution theory and pretend they know it all. But im not one of them. I do believe that humans like all the other animals evolved from lesser beings not fit for survival.
  • Yes, but there are historical reasons for this: "The teaching of evolution in American secondary school biology classes was uncommon in most of the first half of the 20th century. The Scopes Trial decision of 1925 caused the subject to become very rare in American secondary biology textbooks for a generation, but it was gradually re-introduced about a generation later and legally protected with the 1968 Epperson v. Arkansas decision. Since then, the competing religious belief of creationism was legally disallowed in secondary school curricula in various decisions in the 1970s and 1980s, but it returned in the form of intelligent design, to be excluded once again in the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case." Source and further information: On the other hand, people with some interest for the issue very well know that evolution theory since Darwin has also "evolved".
  • All too many, sad to say. I think it reflects the US focus of the site. Most people in the rest of the developed world don't have any problem with science. +5
  • Yeah, I've seen a few. I don't really get involved in those conversations. I for one don't really care if an invisable man put me here via lightning bolt or if I evolved from a monkey or a fish. Either way, I'm here, it's the same result and all the same to me.

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