• I'm sure Vermonters would say that anytime is the best time.
  • Early October. What an incredible autumn show. Beautiful colors.
  • I love Vermont anytime of the year. But fall is terrific!!! Snow is lovely there as well. They've got some great skiing, wonderful cross country trails, sweet little bed and breakfast places, sleigh rides :-)
  • I only go there in the summer.
  • Vermont and all of northern new england is scenic year-round. Some people are particularly fond of the fall foliage season which, to my recollection, is now ending if not ended already. Even a bit further south in Massachusetts the trees are totally bare by the first of November. Global warming was supposed to lengthen the season somewhat but global warming was bunk to begin with. Too bad you already missed out.
  • First 2 weeks of October.
  • I have been there in Autumn and in Winter, and loved them both. :-) +5
  • Any time but mud season (late March-early May). Check out New Hampshire, too. Our scenery is just as good and our taxes are lower [plug for NH Tourism}. +5
  • Mid-fall to early-winter. The summers are nice and green, but after spending over 3/4 of my life there, I have to say that summer isn't all that great, at least not by comparison to other times of year. The only thing Spring has going for it is sugaring season; FRESH maple syrup. But it's also kind of ugly with half-melted snowbanks that are no longer white, mud everywhere, bare trees, and weather that fluctuates a bit wildly. Fall is nice because it's cool (but not cold) during the days, and the leaves are turning but not quite ready to drop. I loved to look out my bedroom window at the golds and browns covering the mountainside. And if you are just visiting, you don't have to rake them :P Of course, there are a lot of flatlander leaf-peepers so some of the roads may be a little busy. Personally, I always liked Winter... except for dealing with flatlander skiers who don't know how to drive on slippery roads. When the snow is still white and the icicles are hanging from the trees, the rural northeast is *beautiful*! Even when the last ice storm hit and we were without power, heat, or water for 11 days (thankfully, I was moving to Seattle so I was only there for 5 of them) I couldn't help but look out and admire the splendor, even in the wake of a natural disaster.
  • October a week or two after a good hard freeze. The Fall colors are GREAT.

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