• Yes it is. The equator bisects it nearly in the middle.
  • No, the centre of Nairobi is just over one degree south of the Equator. Roughly 20kms or so... (I checked on Google Earth - there is lots of countryside between Nairobi and the Equator)
  • In the vicinity, but not exactly in Nairobi proper. Stood on the sucker myself.;)
  • No, Nanyuki is on the equator it is about 200 kms North of Nairobi
  • The village of Nanyuki is very near the equator. There used to be a guy their who called himself a professor of equatorology. He would stand 20 meters north of the equator and pour water into a funnel and show it spin counter-clockwise, then go 20 meters south and show it spin clockwise. He was too close to the equator to actually affect the flow direct. In fact, he actually drew the line in the wrong place....

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