• I dont drink alcohol but I can go with to keep you company and drive you home if need, if you end up having too much.
  • While it's often tempting, the problems and sorrows will still be there when we sober up. On top of that, bad things tend to happen to drunk people.
  • Yes, vodka cures all.
  • No. Drinking never solves anything.
  • No sorrows today. But the day is just beginning. Well, regardless, I'll go and have a quick drink with you this evening! *CHEERS* +5
  • It only helps momentarily...then it makes matter worse!!! So it's best to face our sorrows sober :)
  • no - tried that - didnt work - decided to get sober and stay that way - i have a lot more money now
  • That never solves anything, but it does make bars quite the moneymakers. Your problems will still be there when you sober up. Better to spend the time on the answers to those problems.
  • It can be fun for a night I suppose. I used to drink quite often. I just can't do it anymore. I get tremendous hangovers from even two or three drinks. I go out for drinks maybe once or twice a year now and I always regret it. My body seems to have zero tolerance for it nowadays. I do like a glass or two of Merlot occasionally but even that is rare. The hangovers from drinking would make me forget my sorrows for a day or two though :)
  • No, I tried that for awhile once and all I ever ended up doing was replacing the sorrows with a son of a bitch attitude. Resulted in too many fights. I'd go to give you a ride or watch your back when you started getting in trouble though.
  • It don't work.
  • Sounds like a good idea to me. It is Friday, after all. +5
  • It never really made any sense to me to go there. I don't want my health to decline, and it's not going to make anything go away except inhibitions and some of those are there for a reason. The only thing you get is hangovers which are a small piece of hell. If the problem bothered you before the hangover, I can only imagine what it would be like with one.
  • No, we should let the bar come to us a la Soviet Russia
  • Absolutely, only you'd have to pay cause I'm broke. lol
  • Never! You should work through your issues while sober, then go to a bar get drunk to have fun!
  • No. We should go to the bar and have fun, meet people, sex women, drink much adult beverage.
  • Thing is, tomorrow we will still have all the sorrows PLUS a terrible headache!

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