• Please just age gracefully.
  • Gor for it, resist aging at all cost...
  • Age gracefully :]
  • Age gracefully, botox looks weird.
  • Age gracefully....who knows what long-term effects botox has...better alive and a little wrinkled then smooth and dead
  • I am a cosmetologist and have many years selling beauty products. Botox has many bad effects. Stop looking at Vogue and Cosmo etc. Those people have mega bucks to circumvent the side effects of the Botox. Here is what Botox really does. It paralyzes the muscles around the wrinkle for a set amount of time. Very short time when you are forking over $1-15 k at a crack. Then the Botox loses it's effects. You do this for a few years and the muscles don't respond, they sag. It's not a good idea.
  • I would say age gracefully.
  • Looking at your avatar, I'd say you age gracefully!
  • Age gracefully. Im sorry but when you have a smooth face, but a chicken neck. Its an obviouse. Besides the next generation of aging women look funny when they get all botoxed up. I believe when a woman ages, with her wisdom, her care, her love for the world makes her beautiful. My grandmothers were beautiful (still are) my mother is aging great...and they look correct. Not like some funny lookin doll with wrinkly hands and a wrinkly neck and a face that doesnt move...or looks too tight for their age and "out of place" Natural beauty is a respected beauty. And admired by more people.
  • If it makes you feel good...then wth not?!? :-)
  • I am against any sort of cosmetic surgery that is because of aging or natural body growth or occurences. I think our culture focuses way too much on "youth" as the ideal of beauty. I think older people should learn to love the ages they grow into. I am saddened by older women that dye their hair different colors because they don't like grey. I think grey and natural is beautiful, and it may be fun to dye your hair every once in awhile but don't do it because you're ashamed!
  • I'm all for trying to stay young looking as long as you can, but do that with natural means. Clean living (plenty of sleep, lots of water, watch the alcohol intake, avoid drug use and run from the sun like it's the devil) also keeping your skin clean and moisturized can really help avoid an excess of wrinkles. Eventually we're all going to look like road maps and well we should, we've been on the trip of a lifetime. +4
  • do what I am doing and age disgracefully. be an embarrassment to your grandchildren.No Botox. be natural not like a startled rabbit in the headlights.
  • Please, leave the Botox alone. I would rather see a person with laugh lines and crow's feet, than someone who can't even smile any more because their facial skin is stretched to the limit and the nerves are dead. I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would PURPOSELY have botulism injected into their faces!
  • I'd like to see a picture of you first. I would say no to the Botox though, there are probably other ways that may not be so invasive! +5 Alice. Peace, Jonathan
  • There you go...

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