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  • society....
  • It all balances out. Women are at least 7 time more likely to leave a committed man. Nature at work.
  • did you know women are 4 times more likely to believe a survey that they read on the internet without questioning the results? Ironic hmm
  • Did the study you mention not offer any possible answers to this question? If not, it isn't a very reliable study, is it?
  • The women are sticking around for the money. They may also have other projects "on the side" but they would not abandon the profit from the man's death.
  • Id like to know what heartless bastards they asked. I would never do that. How cruel can you be. Talk about your bad Karma.
  • guy I know was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and his wife of 20+ years went to their Vegas condo while he did chemo radiation and died. Takes all types.
  • Seven times...I knew they avoided death and affliction but not to that preponderance. My weak alibi is men are hunters and women are care givers (generally).
  • Less able to cope? Yeah
  • When it all comes down to it, men are like babies. I don't mean that in a bad way either. Men tend to be more needy. If your ill and you can't give them what they "need" than yep he's gonna leave. You can give it any analagy you want. Men are like, pets. Don't play with them, they forget you.....ect. ect. You get the point. Men just can't handle the responsabilities of being needed. They weren't "built" that way.
  • I think women are better at nurturing and taking care of people more so then men.
  • Indeed, a study in the Journal of Oncology last year reported that spouses were lonelier than their ill partners and had lower levels of wellbeing and marital satisfaction. “There is an immediate shift in a relationship when an illness is diagnosed,” she says. “You stop being partners as you knew it and move to being patient and carer. That can lead to feelings of fear, not just about the disease, but about the relationship and the well partner’s ability to cope. Feelings of anger and resentment about life and the situation can quickly arise.” Read more:
  • i know that 75% of MS cases are contracted by women, so, the finding that 25% of MS cases result in filing of divorce by women would even it out. of course, and a journal of purported reputation as the lancet ought to know, a study of 23 cases does not make a publishable article except in medicine!!! women file for 75% of divorces. women might be more sensitive to relationship difficulties than men. since women also account for 2/3rds of diagnosed psychiatric cases, i suspect that women are, indeed, more likely to be sensitive to relationship changed where men are not. my wife is one of those cold hard sob's like the article discusses john edwards is. it's too bad, i always thought she was a good person. just selfish. bottom line is that most men cope differently than women when their partner is seriously ill, that's all.
  • Sometimes there is a financial aspect to it as well. If they divorce, then they are not financially responsible for their care if put in a facility. They do it to protect their ass...ets. Another possibility, is the physical aspect of the relationship. I would think (don't know) that men are less able to cope with that loss than women. However, this is one study, definitely not true of all men. I know many men who would stay and take care of their spouse. I know mine would.
  • Walking away is a way of coping. Not a terribly good one, but still a way. I honestly highly doubt this is true, I'd like to know where you read this if you'd be so kind. :S
  • That doesn't really suprize me. Men, even today, aren't conditioned when growing up to perform a caring role. So I guess when forced into it some men react badly.
  • They are probably more independent and are more selfish.
  • APPARENTLY there are a lot of people out there that just except blanket unfounded statements as TRUTH. Who told you this? The newspaper? A STUDY? Some book? There is no basis for this comment at ALL. Apparently.
  • Generally a man isn't as reliant on his partner as a woman is to hers.
  • Possibly for the same reason that women are ore likely to visit the doctor than men,they are unable to cope with illness. I personally am 100% committed to my wife through thick and thin and i feel that the longer the couple have been together then you can throw these figures out of the window,its the young ones that give in.
  • frankly it's quite stressful to be a man in this society - and some men just can't cope with it.
  • That is not a study; the sample size is tiny and it didn't ensure a 50/50 female/male ratio. As a result, the results are wired. It is bogus and misleading because the sample of ill people was predominately women. That's like saying more men leave their wives when the wife has breast cancer than women who leave their husbands when the husband has breast cancer.   If they wanted an honest study, they would have ensure that 50% of the patient population was male, used a broad selection of illnesses, and included several thousand people.

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