• It does get to be a bit silly. +2
  • yay, you woke up, Wooo Hooo, I think this calls for a kitty dance party
  • What's the problem??? I'm giving you points for your fustration... LOL
  • Yes, you have made a good point there, have some points for your point!
  • Hey, everyone! Would you help me congratulate Mohawk for waking up this morning? +5
  • No. Now if every single solitary question on AB was a congradulations questions, then I'd proly just leave.
  • Hey congrats, nice job and all of that. +2
  • Hey, Oka-Mohawk-A-Red-Supremacist-, way to go! Waking up is the best thing to do first thing in the morning! Whoo hoo!
  • great question wished i thought of it i think all of us on ab should give you a round of aplause congratulations
  • I've been here over two years, and this question is periodically asked by people who are apparently tired of them. Others seem to think they are "points grabbers". And, still others, are those most upset because they apparently don't have friends enough or who notice when things like that happen to them. I'm SURE that's not you, but for the most part, it is. For some, I will agree. For others, I won't. They are friends asking members to congratulate their friends on making a new named level (only, from level 50 - Sage - on), for the most part. If Answerbag didn't agree they were acceptable, they wouldn't have created a category for them. I warn a couple of friends when I'm getting close, so they can prep a question and ask when it happens. If they are not first, so be it. And I have a friend who lets me know when he's hitting a new named level. Basically, as with all questions, if you don't like them, ignore them. They will disappear from the main page after a day or so. (I've seen 3-4 of the 10 on the home page being congrats questions. Is that too much? Maybe, but still... )
  • It hasn't bothered me yet, but I am on only sporadically and probably haven't seen that many of them. Here are some points for you :-)) +5
  • Some of it is really lame indeed. But eh, as long as they stay in their respective category, I guess it doesn't matter much.
  • I don't want any points today..I just did a super horrible thing..and I am not proud of it:(:(:(:(..but I did get out bed and make coffee:):):)
  • Congratulations "questions" have been out of hand for the last two years. They didn't bother me at first, and I usually enjoy it when I am the subject of such a post, but now I would not consider raising ten levels to be much of an accomplishment anymore. So many people on this site give out points just because they feel obligated to, so all you really have to do is post a lot of questions and answers and, whether they are good or not, you will get points out the ass. There is nothing worth congratulating there. But, it will continue. A lot of mutual masturbation goes on here. It would be enough to make you sick if you weren't already so jaded by the horrors of the real world...
  • Hey,everyone,,,, I farted 20 minutes ago!! WHoo Hoo !! Let's have an AB party !!!!
  • It would certainly be warranted if the level actually reflected the knowledge of the person. I can assure you that I am not a brain, just good at the keyboard.

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