• Not a good idea.If they know they plan to quit they can fire you and then you will have nothing. Find a new job and then move on.
  • Yes. Start looking BEFORE you threaten to leave. That way, you'll have a head start in case they tell you "you're fired".
  • It is not wrong, but you run the risk of them saying "go ahead". What would you do then? It is better to line up another job first that pays more and then go to them say "look, I can leave and earn such and such, but I like it here so how about you match it and I'll stay?"
  • yea giving an ultimatum to your boss is a bad call anytime, but in this economy with the UE rate over 10% it is suicide if you tell them this they will replace you before you can get another job by all means look for another job, but do it on the DL and don't go in and say I have a new job, but i will stay if you pay me more, the person that you do this to will not ever forget it If one of the ppl I managed told me to pay them more or they quit, they would be gone and replaced by the end of the week
  • Look for a job and get an offer first before you blow smoke in anyone's face.
  • I agree with some of the other answers. Start looking for a new job before you confront them. The point of working is to earn money, and if you aren't getting paid you are being taken advantage of. Good luck!
  • BE CAREFUL !! With the job market the way that it is ; YOU are indeed REPLACEABLE and there is probably a LINE of folks just waiting to accept your job at your current rate of pay ... DON'T say a thing until you have a job lined up or else you could very well be OUT of a JOB; PERIOD .. as you could end up FIRED ... especially if you live in a Right To Work State. +5
  • Definitley have a look around for jobs first. Ask them if you can have a pay rise or ask if there are any more hours available. I wouldnt give them the ultimatum of give me more $$ or I'll have to look for something else...they might not take that in a good way.
  • Don't tell them ANYTHING.Find another job first.When your prospective employer asks if they may contact your present employer tell them you rather they did not,b/c they do not know you are planning on leaving as of yet.Then when you are hired,Give your employer 2 wk notice.
  • Not the way to go about it. It would be far better to set up a question to your boss that asks how you can earn more at the company.
  • It's not really wrong..... however I'd say there are better & less confrontational ways of going about it. Start looking at the jobs pages & ask for a pay rise at the same time. Most employers have enough sense to know that if they decline a pay rise then that persons likely to be looking around.
  • Its very risky and you'd likely find yourself out of work if you say anything. Search for another job secretly, and when you have one, you can tell them why you're leaving.
  • No, it's not wrong, but may not be very smart. I would look for another job and if it looked like I was going to get one for more money, then I would bring it up at work. It's fine to simply say you think you deserve a raise. But don't give an ultimatum -- that usually doesn't work to the employee's favor. Anytime, but especially right now, anyone is replaceable.
  • That's pretty much how I would do it. I would not tell the future employer I had to discuss with work. I would simply let him offer the job telling me the salary and what the benefit package is. I would then say I needed a few day before letting him know for sure that I was accepting the job. That's when I would go and talk to my boss and say I have been offered a position making xxxxx. He may or may not be willing to match. This new employer may not offer you the same thing he is paying his current employee - I don't know how long your friend has worked there. Don't forget that benefits are an important part of the whole package.
  • Sounds like a good negotiation tactic to me................
  • Not at all. Your tone will be of immense importance. Just let them know that you are committed and will continue to work hard and you would like to stay but that you have obligations want to make them aware that you are looking for a paying position and that you will keep them in the loop as to whats going on. There are business people they understand that things come down to money no matter where your heart is.
  • It would be okay to ask for a raises subtly But I wouldn't suggest including the 'I want to quit' part
  • I personally don't think it's a great idea to threaten your boss saying you well leave..I know that would put a bad taste in my mouth. I would have a talk with your boss and point out the good work you do and remind him of how much of an asset you are to the company, Tell him that you deserve a raise and take it from there. If you still find that it's not helping then you should find a different trade or profession that is more in your salary range!
  • i wouldn't risk it in this economy

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