• "Bulk" can mean either mass or volume. The only unit, that you have listed, that specifies mass is, Kilogram. You have not listed any units that specify volume. Pound and Ton both specify force. If the force to which you are referring happens to be the downward force of weight that an object exerts while on or very near the Earth, then Pound and Ton indirectly specify mass but, because of the ambiguities which may arise, it is not really valid to say that Pound and Ton specify mass. If you want to specify mass in the same unit system as Pound and Ton (The Imperial System which in only used in the USA), then you must use the little-known/little-used unit called, the "Slug". One Slug (mass-to-mass conversion) is equal to 14.5939 kg. On Earth, 1 Slug of anything weighs 32.2 pounds.
  • Depends on how much it is and where the person you are using it for lives?
  • Depends on your ability to convert measurements unit into another.
  • It depends entirely on what you are measuring: coal,wheat,gunpowder, diamonds? +5

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