• Because EVERYTHING is soluble in acetone!
  • although, the question seems to be a homework problem...I'm posting my that it leads you building some basic conceptions like electronegativity, polarity, solubility, hydrogen bonding etc. 1. both of them are covalent compounds...ionic compounds are soluble in ionic solvents and covalent compounds are in covalent solvents. 'like dissolves like' a simple way to explain the phenomenon. 2. both methanol and acetone are polar. there're difference in electronegativity between -O-H [in methanol; hydrogen is therefore partially positive] and O=C< [in acetone; oxygen is partially negative]. that means, hydrogen bonding is formed, since they're polar...and this is why methanol is soluble in acetone. 3. and one thing I must tell...both of them are miscible in water [hydrogen bonding is the cause here] thanks.

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