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  • maybe you should wash your dick
  • Cause he likes it? +4
  • *Sensitive gag reflex. **He has an std. ***He hasnt bathed yet and its been sweaty down there. ****It stinks. *****She just doesnt like doing it. ******SHE CHOKES ON SMALL OBJECTS. lol *******It's hairy down there.
  • She isnt comfortable with it?
  • Some people just can not do oral sex ,and i think we would be surprised what people do not have or give oral sex ,and maybe the thought of doing oral sex is just to much for some people and they do not find that sort of sex natural.
  • Catherine, my take on this is the wife does not love the husband. If two people really love each other and respect each other, they want to please their partner. +5
  • After a few years the passion that was earlier drains away,so it is important to renew the fire again in life.People marry sometimes to take love to fruition but forget that having sex,getting married,having children,etc is not the end point of love.Love needs to be like a constant burning fire(like the Sun) and never douse it.Maybe the lady is not finding the same one she married hence she is avoiding it! Or there might be some other reason!!+
  • There are some legitimate reasons for this, as long as she was consistent with it. If she was giving him oral sex at one point, but then stopped, none of these reasons applies. Oral sex is mostly technique. It isn't just about pleasing a man; it's also about how to be comfortable while doing it. If you're gagging, or getting annoying hair or fuzz caught in your mouth/throat, it's hard to want to keep doing it. Cleanliness has a lot to do with it, too. If a man isn't clean (including STD's), then no woman is going to want to go down on that! If she did it at one point, but no longer, the reason is probably psychological. She is likely unhappy in the relationship. SOmething is bothering her enough that she isn't wanting to put forth the extra effort. +5
  • You mention elsewhere that she did it before, but now doesn't and also doesn't want him to perform oral sex on her. The reasons could be several, and you may only ever find out by talking with her. And even then maybe not. 1. She may have never really enjoyed it, or the thought of it. If so, then she may have simply been doing so because she felt obligated, or that it was just something expected of her. 2. If she enjoyed it before, then there may have been something which has changed and makes the act repulsive, or at least non-sensual, to her now. This could be the result of a variety of things. If there were a violation of trust in the marriage, then this would definately put a damper on it. Lying, cheating, that kind of thing. If there is a perception that she has become nothing more than a sex object, where "all you ever think about is sex" this too could cause problems. Her feelings may have changed for other reasons, and she may be involved with someone else now. Perhaps bordom has set in. Maybe there is a physiological reason and her sexual desires have diminished as a result. Perhaps a change in her religious views has caused this. The only REAL way to find out is for her to open up about it.
  • He might have an extremely unpleasant sausage!
  • Because it's her time of the month and he won't be able to return the favor. That was one of the excuses I heard, although it wasn't my wife.
  • -------------my wife will not giveme a BJ at all she has suck it before but only 3 or 4 times in 20years but i knew she did not like to give BJ before we got married it was a molesting with her she has ask her friends to give me a BJ and 2 have did it for her and she tell me to go out and find someone if i really want it bad but she is the best wife a guy can have
  • It has never been something I have enjoyed doing and he knows and respects that so would not request it of me. He knows I do it with some men just as I know he gets it from some women. The one time I did do it, and this was before we were married, it was sort of embarrassing for both of us because he knew how I felt about it and that I was just doing it for him. Which he did not want if it was not good for me as well. And really the only reason I did it then was because one of my AB friends convinced me that he would be jealous knowing I did it with others but not with him.

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