• They're trying to make Theists see a connection between God and the events that happen in daily life, or they aren't thinking about what they're trying to say, and just blurt that out.
  • Probably the same thing as an atheist that asks "Are you aware your fairy man in the sky doesn't exist?'
  • This is a GREAT question and IDK. I think they are thinking about it. It's cliche like "I will pray for you". Just like I heard a preacher say 2 weeks ago "even if you don't believe in God pray this with me". One day maybe I will understand that. It makes no sense.
  • Nothing, they are just mindless idiots.
  • I don't think that a Mind is the proper noun here. It'd be more along the lines of rote memorization.
  • You should go to a fundamentalist church with a real charismatic preacher and observe how the congregation can be stirred up into achieving a 'spiritual high'(an emotional high in reality). It actually feels good, I been there and and these guys really think they would be doing you a favor to invite you to join them in their 'happiness' ..oh, and get saved, donate $$$$ etc.
  • I have no idea. I mean, I'm pretty sure that when I talk religion I don't suddenly start speaking in Farsi, but from the out-of-touch responses you'd sure think I was.
  • For some people, god is a real and present thing. It's a reality of life like the wind, invisible but everywhere. And it's pretty much taken as fact in the same way, without much analysis or questioning. People like that are truly perplexed by unreligious people, because it seems to them that we're denying a basic fact of life that is obviously true. They not only believe in god but feel that its existence should be obvious to everyone. Therefore someone who doesn't believe just isn't trying hard enough - and questions like that are meant to make you try harder. I used to feel this way too. It's very easy to fall into this way of thinking, if everyone around you acts the same. It's comforting to believe, and troubling when people don't. Try to be patient with people like this, because they *usually* mean well.
  • That's like saying to a blind person "can't you see what is going on?"
  • god and religion are memes that have stood the test of time from a Neolithic past. And there you have it.
  • Probably something akin to feces.
  • Little if anything. it's obvious that the Atheist doesn't feel the presence of God in his life - that's why he or she is an Atheist in the first place. Hay, it's their job to sell you something your not interested in buying - to many it's like selling Amway - the more converts you get, the higher the rank you move on up in the "company".
  • This is a complete guess coming from an agnostic/atheist (I know the difference and I think of myself as an agnostic that leans towards atheism). But here goes anyway. Every religion says they know answers they can't possibly know, such as what happens to consciousness after death. So what's going through the mind of a theist, I would guess, is something along the lines of "I know for a fact there is a god and it's my duty as a good Christian/Jew/Muslim to ensure that we get as many people to believe us so we can help them get to this magical place called heaven." It's a bit of egotism mixed with self-righteousness. It's quite easy to see other people's ignorance; it's quite difficult to see your own.

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