• Haven't got a clue AR, just wanted to say Hi!!!!
  • Abiogenesis is the study of the origin of life. Sometimes called "chemical evolution" - though that's a somewhat poetic term and no one should look for an exact 1 to 1 parallel. Evolution is the body of theory that seeks to explain how life got to be so diverse. It begins where abiogenesis ends. How's that :-) +5
  • Great question, AR! Yes, actually, I do! It's a shame that most people don't know the difference.
  • Nope! I've not even heard the term abiogenesis!
  • Abiogenesis deals with life arising from inanimate chemicals also known as Chemical Evolution.   Evolution deals with organisms after life arises as a result of Abiogenesis.   Theist and Atheist often mix the two in conversations as if they were interchangeable. I have made this mistake as well. I am a theist.   The problem is that when conversations rise dealing with these subjects, the real issue is that one believes in God and the other does not.   At some point during the conversation one launches a straw man or ad hominem or both and it goes all over the place.   At this point evo and abio get mixed in as the debaters get involved launching straw mans back and forth.   At other times it is an honest mistake that a staw man is entered due to assumptions on either side of the battle.   Its very common.
  • Yep. You'd be surprised how out of the loop evolutionary biologist are regarding the state of abiogenesis science. I just had to explain to a university professor in evolution that HCN and ammonia doesn't make full nucleotides. Still a lot of work to be done in abiogenesis.

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