• It looks like there are some up and coming female rodeo stars ... among high school rodeo competitors in Wyoming.
  • There are several rodeo events for women, barrel racing, steeple chasing, and even roping contests. You have obviously never been to a real rodeo event, Mensan. (The goat milking and greased pig catching is open to all, btw, even kids).
  • Mensan I found this:
  • There is this one Mensan. I understand barrel racing is open to females too.+5
  • My lady's a great rodeo our bedroom. +4 Mensan
  • Back in the 1940s I saw a bull rider thrown and stomped to death. First time I'd ever seen anyone die. That may be a good reason why women don't ride bulls. The bull's name was Hitler (the war had ended just a few months before). He brought both front hooves down on the rider's chest. Lots of blood gushed out, and he was dead before they carried him off. But they didn't stop the rodeo, or even the bull riding event. But even in those days girls did steeplechase riding. I don't remember when barrel racing was introduced.

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