• I think... big fucking deal? That shit happens all the time.. just because he's a celebrity doesn't make him any more of an asshole than the regular guy you does it. I feel bad for his family.
  • He slept with a woman he worked with... he wasn't married at the time, so he didn't have an affair, he didn't force her so it's not rape... Appears to be an inter-office relationship.. quite common really. Does that make everyone who's dated/slept with a co-worker an A-hole, or just the select few you don't like?
  • BFD, if it was while both were single and it was consensual between adults. i guess i haven't heard her side of the story - if he slept with her because they liked each other or if he slept with her because he likes to take advantage of women. based on the evidence i've heard so far, i'd conclude that he's not a sexual predator, which is a very specific term describing very specific kinds of individuals.
  • I think that at the very least, he is guilty of sexual harassment. There are laws against having sex with subordinates at work. It creates the impression that having sex with you is a condition of continued employment or advancement. I'm wondering why there is no investigation coming out of the EEOC. It could be that all the women were willing participants, but it doesn't seem that anyone is asking that question. Not only that, but the victim can be anyone at work that is offended by the behavior, and I'll bet there were at least a few people who were. There is a reason why you are supposed to keep sex out of the workplace.
  • I like David Letterman and, like U.S. presidents, I don't give a SHIT what they do in the "bedroom"; married or unmarried! That's their wives and girlfriend's problems! I only care how they treat HUMANITY!
  • If they were both single and both were willing participants then I don't see any problem with it.
  • If its just a co worker big deal, but he was in a position of Authority over her, so he should be considered a Sexual Predator.
  • In future, it's going to be more difficult to laugh at his jokes about the other famous adulterers and fornicators - which is a staple on his show. If this case goes to trial I wonder if he and the women will be cross examined in court by a lawyer. Will the jury laugh? Will it be televised?
  • I think he's kind of an a-hole. Frankly he's always been kind of an a-hole, that's part of what makes him funny. . I'm seeing zero evidence that he is a sexual predator. If someone who feels she has been preyed on wants to make that case then that is all well and good. . People have sex with other people in the work place all the time. Sometimes there is coercion, mostly there is not. . Besides, it's obvious that you're in the tank for Conan O'Brien :)
  • I think it was too much information. I didn't need to know that, and I'm sure most people don't care to know. I think he's partially using this story for ratings and to have a decent comedy routine because he's not that funny.
  • You people are sad, who cares what one adult does with another adult? Get a life, and get laid because you guys are very uptight.
  • I'm appalled that he had sex with women. Next thing you know he'll be drinking water, or breathing.
  • Who cares...They are all adults....He can sleep with whoever he wants....You people act liked he raped them
  • at least hes upfront about it; your talking about people that live a surreal lifestyle to begin with
  • I could care less. Never liked him much to begin with.
  • they were all willing and consenting adults
  • WOW...Consenting adults who work together having sex? Shocking! Sounds like some posters here need to get laid too. Here is when I have a problem. When someone spends a lot of time spouting off about family values; then sends sexual text messages to little boys, bangs whores, cruises public bathrooms, snorts coke off the ass of a gay prostitute, spends tax or tithed money keeping mistresses or traveling to see them then I have a problem with their hypocrisy. (You may recognize those activities from the news) I could care less what Letterman did with another consenting adult. He never pretended otherwise did he? Does he joke about other peoples peccadilloes? Why yes he does? You know why? Because things like hypocrisy, deliberate ignorance, public missteps are, in part anyway, funny. He even joked about his own situation. I do admire him for speaking up when it happened to limit public speculation.

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