• A Chinese restaurant that my family used to frequent was closed for a while because the health inspector found a half-eaten cat in the freezer. They said it was for personal use.
  • urban myth but you dont see many cats out side a chinese takeaway
  • In the US, no. Chicken is cheaper and easier to get. Abroad, nobody can tell. I, myself, have tasted cat meat and if you spice it enough, taste like chicken and rabbit meat.
  • No, it is not a myth. At one time they where caught and fined on several occations (in the 70's) for serving cat meat.
  • The chinese do eat cat meat - but it isn't legal in Western Countries.
  • well if you were running a failing take out place and could get free meat that you can make 100% profit on, would you chop up a cat. My point is I'm sure it has happened, finding proof of it is another story
  • OMG, "fading smiles", i wonder if we ate at the same restaurant? i remember about once a month i'd go out to lunch with a former commander. we went to my favorite chinese restaurant in DC and it was closed by the health inspector. within all things is the seed of its opposite, so, there's probably some truth to it.
  • I suspect it must have happened somewhere at sometime. I once found a piece of metal that looked as if it had been cut from a lathe in my food.
  • I agree with hoboJoe. Chicken is cheaper than cats, and easier to get to. But I wouldn't doubt it if an owner of a Chinese take out saw a stray cat walking his way, it would be next batch of orange chicken from his restauraunt. Yum Yum!!!
  • Cat? Hmm...I always heard it was seagull. Probably because we were in Port Huron at the time and there were always seagulls in the parking lot. Tasted like chicken, anyway.
  • I always thought that they made dim sims out of em.
  • Sorry.I do love my cat:-)
  • In London they used to, but now the rats are so big they just use them instead :)
  • They can and likely do. There is no law against it.
  • If they can make cats taste like chicken then they really are masters of the art of cooking.
  • I have personal experience in this as we speak! My best friend has lived and taught in Japan and China for the past 15 years. He just sent me an email telling me he tried RAW horse and chicken, cooked dog and cat. They eat some really strange things but he said it wasn't tooooo bad. Not to be repeated though! My neighbor is from China and said there are a lot of slums that eat it because it's free protein. When your family is starving, you eat it.
  • Not just China, but other countries such as Indonesia, Philippeans and Singapor. But my Filipino friend says that this doesn't happen now as much as it used to in the past.
  • It all depends on if they are a licensed establishment. If not then the possibility does exists.
  • No but there food is high in saturated fat. I do not eat Chicken that is not organic or minimally processed. The food is not usually great quality. Chefs say you must use quality products to get a good result.
  • while take-outs dont serve it, in other countries (Philippines, indonesia, singapore etc.) they serve dog, cat, monkey, and other forms of meat. but no, you will not find cat in chinese take out. and in other countries they dont use those kinds of meat as much anymore.
  • In North America I would think that it would be easier to get a steady supply of chicken than cats.
  • Nooooooo, Im luving chicken chowmein!!!! This better be a myth - pleaaaaaaaaaase!!!???? +++
  • Chicken is cheap. It used to be expensive. Stray cats are few and far between and hard to catch. Your typical Chinese take-out needs 30 or more chickens in a night. At wholesale prices that's about $20. Cats don't have large fillets of meat and they would have to be not only caught, but also gutted and skinned. If you're paying someone $10/hour, that gives them only 2 hours to find, catch, kill, skin, gut, and clean 40 cats to equal the 30 chickens. It can't be done, so yes it's a myth.
  • I have my doubts at time...
  • All the traditional orientals relish cat and dog...particularly the Chinese and Vietcong. Both for special occasions (like our turkey for Thanksgiving) as a medicinal food, and so on. I doubt the supply is so plentiful (or cheap) they would feed it to anyone outside their clique.
  • I was told once a long time ago by a fellow of the "Asian persuasion" that cat is "the other white meat".
  • It's something worth thinking about. I mean, the Chinese have hundreds of ways to prepare chicken - I don't think that's possible. They must be using something else they're just calling "chicken".

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