• Because time travel was invented by Americans and the Bush administration was behind the 9/11 attacks
  • Have you ever heard of the Grand Father Paradox? Let us say that you went back in time and accidentally killed your own grandfather before he could have children. Because of this, your parent (his child) is never born. Because of this, you are never born. Since you were never born, how could you have gone back in time to kill your grandfather? If some one were to travel back into time and change history, then there is no telling what other connected events won't occur. The bigger the event you change, the greater the uncertainties as to how it will change history and the more likely that the world will be vastly different than the one from which the time traveler journeyed. Who in their right mind would want to risk such a thing? If time travel ever does become possible, then I hope that the people with such technology have the wisdom to prevent people from their time from monkeying around with other times.
  • Maybe they did but their opponents (also time travellers) overpowered them. All we can see is the end results. We don't know if there was any meddling or not. Maybe there was and it just didn't work! Or maybe it's like the Doctor Who episode "Fathers Day"; there *are* no do-overs. GURPS Time Travel (3E) also mentioned the "Observer Effect"; once history is witnessed, it is set in stone. That is why time travellers will sometimes abandon a dying team-mate. If someone sees them die, they are dead forever, but if nobody is there then history is still mutable. We really don't know enough about time travel to say, but those are a few reasons I can think of.
  • because they knew it didnt matter.
  • because it would alter their future, and no-one can tell what specific effects it will have did you ever watch back to the future
  • Maybe they just wait and see if we learn from our errors.
  • If the particle leaves, then there's a whole in space time, this could be UNHOLY! I'd say a 3D app is just how it is, but space may be super deep, and we are just on the booring top... Its dudes wasting the loot, how could you say money isn't wasted in doing everything or nothing, much less doods in a tower ever day?
  • IMO time travel is bullshit (especially the teleportation of large bodies and ESPECIALLY live organisms while keeping them alive), nice for interesting sci-fi movies and nothing else. . As for the question, there are many theories that could answer this. There might be the "uninvolvement rule" in the future, although someone might have broken it. . It might also be that You can travel in time, but You can't choose the exact time and/or place, so the people "teleported" into some remote years or into the core of the earth and melted immediately, etc. . Another theory is that when You would travel in time, You wouldn't transport to OUR universe, but to an identical copy of this universe that existed in that time... so the person might have prevented these problems, but only in that copy of the universe. In this case You could kill Your father (the copy of Your father actually) meet Yourself and do whatever You want and it wouldn't affect the past or future of "OUR" universe, just the copy.

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