• There is a really good Science Museum there, go to a Twins/Vikings game, Mall of America, go to Shakopee which is really close and hit Valleyfair, it has been awhile since I've been there, so I have trouble remembering. They have a lot of beautiful parks and lakes there, hence the name Land of 10,000 Lakes.
  • Wintertime - count snowflakes or watch thermometer fall. Summertime - slap mosquitos. For all practical purposes, there are only two seasons.
  • You can always win a few bucks on a bet that you can throw a ping-pong ball all the way to the other side of the Mississippi River. You just have to wait till the dead of winter to perform the feat, and chose a day when the wind is blowing hard toward the other bank. Just a light toss will do it under those conditions. :)
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is free and very good. Or maybe check out a show at First Ave, it's our musical landmark.

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