• I don't much care because I've detached myself from my emotions. Really. It just came from time after time after time being told I'm wrong, I'm not lovable, or I'm stupid. After a while, I just quit the people game.
  • emotions they a very hard to control ,sometimes it is better to let your emotions go as it can give you relief and i think it is hard to say one would not care ,i have seen some very strong minded people get emotional ,and i believe in never be afraid to cry.
  • I don't think not caring at all is a wise thing to shoot for. Extremes usually don't serve a person very well. How about a happy medium? There are some things you have no control over. Don't worry about them. Ask yourself this question: Is there anything I can do about this? If the answer is no, then your going to look pretty foolish to yourself if you insist on dwelling on it, because it won't make any sense. There are other areas of your life that could use that energy. It's up to you to find them, and redirect your energy. Imagine how much more productive you will be, and how that will wonderfully affect your self image! If there is something that you need to work on, and it will improve your life, don't worry over it. Muse over it instead! All that menas is that, instead of beating yourself over the head with it, you're observing it from a distance without all the emotion to trip you up. +5
  • If you have to work at not caring you defeat the very cause -you can't force it or it shows you do care. +5
  • Your emotions are your guide of where your head is.Learn to recognize when you get defensive.We don't see our self as the world see us,and we all need help, advice and guidance. However there are those manipulative, controlling,unhappy miserable,people out there,whose purpose in life is to put others down. But you see that's not on you...Be the best person that you can be, and honor your emotions.
  • You cannot "detach" emotions. You can only redirect them. I don't suggest redirecting them internally if they are harmful, as this will certainly crop up in other parts of your psyche/life, even if the immediate pain seems to disappear. I assume you would want to detach from neg emotions. Ask yourself if the event that triggered the emotion is worth feeling. For example, I find the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or experiencing the horrific are all things which are worth feeling bad about. The trick is not to "act" on emotion. The positive actions you take now will earn you a harvest of positive emotions and an improved outlook in the near future in the same exact way that you can wake up with an emotional hangover due to some prior event, you can wake up with a whole new positivity.
  • Well the best way i found out to "not care" in only certain areas (basically what others think) is to just remember this: It's all in the eyes of the beholder. Basically meaning that alot of what we identify as "freedom" or "truth" is only in a perspective sometimes or sometimes not widely accepted by the general community. SO if someone calls you stupid for asking a certain question, just remember that quote and there opinion really shouldnt bother you, because its ONLY in their eyes that your stupid not in lets say my eyes. But this way of thinking can be destructive and can allow some people to twist what is justice (for instance: Doing good is all in the eyes of the government, but mabye to a serial killer killing is a good thing).
  • If you've been hurt all your life, if everyone you hold dear has let you down, I think you can hide emotions, I have tryed. I can't not care. It just isn't there. Holding it in makes you sick, not caring makes you a miserable person.
  • There is only one way to effectively do this. That is to give yourself the permission to thoroughly feel the emotions you are trying to suppress. Get to the root base of ~why~ you feel this way, and then take the steps necessary to create a constructive resolution to the pain. This is not easy, and may even take many years. Yet this is the ~only~ way to free yourself of certain emotions enough to let them go. All the best to you.
  • I seem to recall these Lyrics from Lost in the Shadows. Loneliness pours over you Emptiness, Can pull you through.
  • I really do not believe you can really do that I do believe that somebody can put up a good front tho. Im a pretty strong person and I can not even do that.
  • I don't think anyone can make themselves not care.

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