• I tried to steal a package of bubble gum once. The woman who owned the little store was in the back and as soon as I touched the gum she yelled to put the gum back. That scared me so badly, I was sure I had encountered a witch. I was probably 8. The whole neighborhood loved her and called her mama.
  • OMG! Yes. And when I exited the store a rather large woman followed me out into the parking lot saying " Hey baby where are you going? I know you got the merchandise." I thought she was going to try and molest me or something. Scared the hell out of me, never did that again.
  • Yes, mickey mouse earings from k-mart. :) Got caught too.
  • nope, never stolen in my life
  • Yes, something small worth less than a dollar, accidentally. I was about 8. Not caught.
  • i stole... nothing. i was the good, innocent one back then.
  • i stole... nothing. 0.0 i was the good, innocent one...
  • When I was 6 years old I managed to pick the lock tp my dads office draw, can't remember how much I took but when he caught me he went crazy :)
  • Well; when I was five - six years old ; we lived in a rural villlage in Ohio. We were about 25 miles from the nearest town... One day while with my mother in Albers ; I stole a LEMMON which at that time cost under 5 Cents .... When we got clear back home; my mother discovered the lemmon and gave me a spanking ... Then we got back into the car and drove clear back to Albers .. where I had to take the lemmon to the Produce woman and apologize and get a spanking. We went to the managers officce and told him and I got a Spanking ... We got back home and when my father came home; I got ANOTHER spankinig ... I've NEVER stolen ANYTHING since !! +5
  • Not when I was a kid but accidentally stole a swiss army knife last year. I was going to buy it & threw it in my cart. Then had to move my purse to make room for hubby to put something in there. We were loading the car & when I picked up my purse it was under it. I took it & didn't go back in to pay. I use it all the time.
  • Loved to steal freshly baked rusks from grandma's kitchen table! She caught us more than once! +4
  • i once got caught in the supermarket stealing candy .
  • I stole some glitter once when I was 10, the next time I went into that shop, the shop owner asked me if I wanted anymore!
  • when i was seven years old i was in a gift shop in the mall and i came across a tiny glass horse that i fell in love with, so i took it; once home with it i felt so guilty yet afraid to tell anyone that i crushed it and threw it away, i never did that again...
  • Kindergarten, there was girls who really bugged me all the time so i started to steal her stuff and give them to everybody els when my parents find out they explained to me that she likes me i was like wtf? i mean how a 5yr boy whose brain is full of dinosaurs, monsters and explosions should now this? anyway i gave her stuff back and apologized to her, we made good friends
  • No, but my son has slipped some things into his pockets without me knowing. (he was 2 at the time) Very embarrassing. +3
  • Used to steal quarters from my parents, right before we would go grocery shopping. I was addicted to the toys in the bubble gum machines. Now that I think about it, I'm sure they had to think something was up since I was coming out with a bunch of toys all the time! I also stole stickers, erasers, and pretty pencils from the school bookfair. Never got caught. :0)
  • yes i stole a candy bar - got caught - never stole anything again - it is very bad karma

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