• I think women generally notice more things than men do my friend. Jim and I can go into a room filled with people and I will "sense" something isn't right and he is as happy as a clam at high tide. I don't know whether it is genetic with women. I think men more often deal with what they see and women are trying to figure out the undercurrents of what they don't see. I don't know if that is good or not but that's my opinion m'dear. Happy Saturday to you! :)
  • Women are generally more sensitive than men. They sense what men don't even notice. Nature made them sensitive for the survival of the species. Nature also gave them the ability to vent their feelings and lighten their hearts with a good 'cry'. It is the women who refuse to cry and lighten their stresses who are likely to end up all depressed. Just an observation of mine. Unsure about the theory's validity.
  • Women figure highly in the statistics as they are more likely than men to be getting treated for the condition. Men tend not to recognise depression and stress and many believe they show weakness by admitting to it. Married men live longer than single men. Married women die younger than single women.(men are hazardous to our health.LOL)
  • Your question has answered your own question.
  • Men can compartmentalize. Women can't seem to do that well. Hence the stress creeps into everything they do.
  • elevated sensitivity by females over males. elevated societal oppression / objectification / discrimination / victimization leads to more females having reason to be more stressed and depressed. some argue that males are just as likely to be stressed or depressed but they take out their expression of stress and depression in other ways, such as driving wrecklessly, drinking, drugging. as such, men are more likely to go to prisons and women are more likely to seek medical attention. 2/3rds of doctor visits are by women, so, women are more observed than men, and, thus, more likely to be diagnosed with depression. as men have 2-3 times the suicide rate of women, i suspect that they probably have similar rates of depression but just different rates of diagnosis and expression.
  • They aren't, men tend to suffer in silence, women tend to speak up and get treatment.
  • I don't believe women are more prone, just more vocal about their emotions. Men of most societies are expected to keep some level of emotional control or at least appear controlled. Statistics such as those highlighting eating disroders and self harm where women feature highly are also biased due to men more often lying to hide their issues. An example is that in prisons self harm is more common among men than women. The theory being that self harm can't be hidden in prison as well as in public so it's more easily picked up and so the statistics are likely to be more accurate. With eating disorders you only have to look at the result of a man admitting to an eating disorder compared to a woman. The Deputy PM of the UK admitted bullimia and although there was sympathy there was more derision and jokes than support. This is a sign of a culture geared towards chastising men for showing their weaknesses.
  • Because it's a "man's" world?!?
  • They are just more likely to admit to suffering from them. Men are just as likely to suffer, but they will not admit to it as often, and do not seem to give in to the stress and depression as easily.
  • Hormones are different, for one thing. And a by-product of that also is that women tend to express distress verbally with words cries, call for help, men tend to express physically by exercise, running, punching bag, aggression, distraction, working off the frustrations rather than confronting source. So I'm saying that they suffer equally but express it differently.
  • Because they have to deal with us? +5
  • They aren't. Women show the emotions more readily, in men we keep the shit inside so long that it begins to manifest itself in physical ailments. Men do suffer from stress and depression, it's just more acceptable in society for women to show it.
  • I used to joke that it is because we have to put up with men. But after seeing the effects of depression on men, I no longer do that. I am encouraged by some of the PSA's by well known men like Mike Wallace. Hopefully, more men will start getting treatment.

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