• Summer. I love every hot minute of it. I wish to move where it is summer all year. In winter, I'm miserable, cold freezing, snowing, nowhere to park Winter lasts 6,7 months here in Northeast. I hate every single flake of snow, always did.
  • Summer is higher on my list, there is just a lot more to do in the summer would be my reason.
  • Winter, because I love the snow and rain.
  • Really both! I love winter because its quieter and I feel more alive especially mentally. But summers I get to loll around the house evenings sans clothing with a glass of wine. And both snow and foliage and flowers are beautiful.
  • Summer, because I prefer warmer temperatures.
  • I like the winter as long as it is not too freezing, because I can go out in my boots and not be too hot in them.
  • Winter. Can​ dress better, love boots, can cuddle infront of the tv with a warm blanket. Sleep better, hot summer nights are horrible to seep in. Food is better I love Winter
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      No air conditioner Natz? Once I got AC,, I found I didn't even want to take the soft fuzzy "reindeer blankets" off my couch after winter was over. Turns out while they keep me warm in winter, they also seem to keep me cooler in the summer too! (so long as that AC is cranked). I like to make it downright chilly in here. LOL. Because right, sleeping is impossible when one is all hot and miserable.
    • Natz
      Lol😂 To poor to afford the electric bill for the AC. 🙈
  • Spring if it's not rusty.
  • Summer because there are many fun things to do outside!
  • I like spring best, then summer. Just saw the why part... Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. It's like no matter how cold and hard the winter was life Springs forth when the ground warms and the rain falls and shows you that no matter how bad things get there's always a chance for a new beginning and I like summer because the pools open! Yeah!
  • Summer. No coats needed.

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