• If the rest of my life would stay the same. Yes. However if I would loose a bunch of friends because they hate smelly smokers, I wouldn't. I guess, it depends.
  • um....the government loves smokers, cuz their life is cut short, and they will not live to receive social security........that is the gist.....take care...Brian.....
  • There really was no enjoyment in smoking. Only because of addiction that I had been smoking. After quitting I have learned smoking is not worth it. So under no circumstance shall I start smoking again.
  • The indignity of addiction is more than my massive ego can bear. I'd like to die as free from as many addictions as possible.
  • Smoking again? No. But using the nicotine patches and gum? Yes. I can't go back to them because of the cost. Nicotine makes me feel balanced and calm.
  • I smoked heavilly for many years and thought nothing of it. Came the time when I couldn't get satisfaction no matter how hard and how many smokes I had, I gave it up. Now, twenty years on, I began to feel difficulty in getting a full breath when working. Exrays showed Emphacema ?? Apparently, smokers cause their lungs to be in line for this disease and no matter how long ago you gave it up, the disease is laying dormant. When you reach an age that suits this thing, it jumps out and you have it full blast and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • No,I wouldn't smoke again.I can't stand the smell of it.
  • No, I wouldn't.
  • If I was ex smoker and knew that I was about to die soon, I would light one for sure. I am going to die anyways, why not die in style?
  • I always say if the world is about end smoke me if you got em

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