• Erm.. if he hasn't said he's gay, he probably isn't. At least in my culture.. there are very few gays who are NOT openly gay.
  • Take him into the shower and drop your soap.
    • Mircat
      What a rude thing to say.
  • Why is it any of your business?
  • Mind your own business. It is not your responsibility to "out" him. You could do permanent damage with him and his family if you try to handle someone else's business. I've heard of people who took their own lives because someone else thought they had the right to out them. You are not God.
  • What a jerk you are. You don't! You mind your own business and hope people don't point out things about you that are embarrassing or hurtful.
  • Why would you want to do that? Very Sad let people be who they are and stay out of their lives with your narrow minded thoughts.
  • You DO NOT! Thats one of the most rude and bullying questions I've ever read. You should be deeply ashamed. It's none of your business EVER! Sexual preference is personal and private and is not a social topic of conversation let alone "tricking" someone into revealing something that is private. I don't know where you learned manners and compassion but it was a huge fail.

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