• I live in rural Montana. My neighbors are miles away.
  • I like the ones on one side, and dislike the ones on the other side
  • My neighbors are chill. We have had about 4 parties this year that went loud until about 5 in the morning without any problems. I love my neighbors.
  • We have awesome neighbors. Both of our families are really tight. +5
  • I love my neighbours to the left, the old boy is sooo cool, he flew search & rescue missions over the Atlantic during WW2, a proper stand-up bloke! The neighbours to the right are freaky weirdo’s tho.... & they desperately need a trip to the dentist!
  • My neighbors are cultists who don't speak to anyone. Seriously.
  • I don't have many neighbors. There are only 5 houses on my street. I am not fond of the people two houses down from me, but the rest are very friendly. ;)
  • I like my neighbors. I have grown comfortable with them. I know they're not child molesters or robbers or anything like that. Even though the annoy me sometimes I'm glad to have them in my life right now.
  • I can't stand my neighbors to the right of me. All they do is get drunk & fight. They give the south a bad name. +5
  • I do NOT neighbor !! So; I don't feel anything about my neighbors .. +5
  • There's a couple of horrible neighbors that live on our street. They'd say crude things about us and would try to cause trouble between my spouse and I (didn't work). Anyways, one day I used my next door neighbor's unsecured internet signal. I advertised something like this... Impy, Skimpy Lingerie Night! Victoria Would Be Shocked! Bring you sex toys, prizes for the best outfit, etc... This was basically set up as some orgy all night long party! OMG~ People all night long showed up at their house wearing some crazy ass outfits! They had relatives over because it was a long weekend! He was so pissed!!! We also sent a tranny prostitute over to another horrible set of neighbors place while they had guests over. Quite Funny! Furthermore, since we didn't like his wife because she would make up so much bs gossip about us. We sent her 'application' for a position to various escort services along with her contact information. This was suitable since she is a serial-homewrecker!
  • my neighbors are family - like them as much as dislike them at times.
  • what? neighbors? oh.... there is a house over there... guess that makes me apathetic towards them
  • +5 i am very close friends with some of my neighbors. i don't dislike any of them.
  • theses a saying "good fences make good neighbors. i believe that good thirty foot double layer brick walls topped with electrified barbwire with machine gun nest towers surrounded by an alligator filled moat make even better neighbors.
  • They're pretty quiet and have cute puppies ^_^ Only problem is when they block our alleyway with their bus that runs on vegetable oil. =P
  • all my neighbours are very friendly, people on one side of me keep to themselves but thier dog is lovely. the people to the other side are a big family and he mows my lawn sometimes for me.... the two elderly couples across the road are great people and often host BBQ's, i help one with her computer sometimess and they've sprayed my weeds for me a few times :) Oh and i find oranges at my doorstep when i get home! haha so yeah, I like my neighbours. it's nice here. :)
  • Don't feel anything.
  • I dislike one of the neighbors pack of dogs, but I really don't feel one way or another about my neighbors. The new guy could be disliked soon, he is way to needy.
  • My neighbors are never out of their house that I can see. Have not attempted connecting with me at any point and did not even acknowledge a card I left for one of them. Doesn't appear they want to get to know me on a direct personal level. Before they moved out or after. Don't dislike them, they just seemed to be very stand offish. but they are all gone worries there.

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