• I usually prefer brunettes over blondes - but then I also usually prefer skirts over jeans...So I'll take the brunette in a skirt :-).
  • Oh! Oh! I know this one! The light post!
  • Hmmmmm....I have a thing for blondes
  • The one in front :-)
  • First I was thinking the blond. I like blondes and miniskirts, but the high heels are a sign of high maintenance. I will try for both.
  • The blonde ! then the brunette ! then the blonde ! then the brunette ! then the blonde ! then the god ??? why are you doing this to me,,,,you know i like blondes ! and brunettes ! and blondes ! and brunettes ,,,,,getting a headache now,,,,or am i dreaming again,,,,,,hehe
  • Brunette in jeans.
  • The blonde in the mini skirt. Gotta get closer to those legs!
  • The blonde in the mini-skirt, nothing against the brunette she is probably beautiful, but my first choice are blondes.
  • Whichever one has the fuller figure. I like real women with curves, not stick-thin models.
  • Brunettes are hotter.
  • Identical in every way huh? lol. I would probably choose the brunette just for kicks. Jeans = more that can be undressed. I don't think hair color really matters though if they are identical in every way. I would not care.
  • The blonde, and after they'd passed me I'd focus on the brunette.
  • I can't not look at a girl in a miniskirt, although I confess to prefering brunettes. I would go cross-eyed!
  • I'll first focus on the clock to see what time I woke up from this dream. Then I'll shut my eyes again to see if it picks up from where I left it. It never does.
  • Probably the blonde because you included the information that she was in a mini skirt and heels. Those items alone are quite eye-catching. Otherwise, I normally go for brunettes; but I do not discriminate either way. ;)
  • The one on mini skirt of course. I would look if she has nice legs or fat legs. If she has fat legs then I will focus on the brunette. How's her butt, fat or just right ? Then focus on the face, who's better looking ? If they're equally pretty, I will narrow it down, who has nicer eyes, lips, sweet face, hair, etc. After that, you want to hear them speak, who has nicer voice and personality ? Who is the bitchy one ? Oh, last but not least, who's smarter, what degree do they have ? Is the blond the dumb one ? lol
  • ok well first mini an heels means straight up HOE so go for brunette lol.. an then wake up lol
  • The blonde one. However, if both girls are rude and ill-mannered, I wouldn't focus on either, regardless of looks!
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I would normally go for the mini but I think the brunettes are more exotic. Then again it comes to who has hair to the middle for their back or longer. Hopefully it would be the brunette, then I would buy her a mini and convince her to wear it. B-D
  • According to statistics, I think most men would go for the brunette! Guys usually assume the blonde is some superficial slut and is only good for a one-night-stand! Brunettes are down to earth and are 'real'. They make good girlfriend material and have morals. Well that's the assumption anyways!
  • Both lol. but if I had to pick one it would depend on which looked better with thir respective hair colors. Some hair colors look better on certain faces. Like Kendra Wilkinson is smoking hot as a blonde but she looks weird as a brunette
  • The brunette in jeans, you have more left to the imagination :)
  • The girl in the back the one who is thicker then the other cute petite girls but has a really good personality
  • Brunette. Jeans are sexier than skirts and I prefer brunettes, anyway.
  • You should be really nice to both because you dont know which one is going to like you... But i am brunette so....
  • I focus on the one walking next to me: no sense in getting killed over a passerby :)

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