• My laugh. It tends to be sudden and sometimes loud. I heard one person say my laugh sounded like braying. That hurt. So I tried to stop and was immediately informed by all of my friends and acquaintences that my laugh did not sound like a bray. That they liked my laugh. It made everyone happy because it was so genuine. So I let my laugh free! Just in time too. I was going to explode from trying to contain it.
  • My androgynous face, small boobs, stringy hair, slight figure, awkward gawkiness, lack of intellect and schooling, boy-craziness, need for love and attention, lack of close friends, inability to carry a pregnancy to term. For starters.
  • I have a graduate degree, taught at the college level, and am usually considered to be an unusually smart guy. I am, however, ridiulously absent minded. I inherited from my father who ALWAYS carried around a note pad to write things down so he wouldn't forget them. I'm not sure I embrace it but I accept it (like I have a choice!).

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