• Don't you think that bombs would radiate more heat and add to the problem ?? Besides, I don't believe the penguins contribute all that much to global warming. Maybe just the occasional fart or two !! lol ;) +5
  • We should start with Al Gore and all the other global warming hoaxters.
  • They should bomb whoever made the latest GI Joe movie.
  • Funny you ask, I was just thinking about penguins, w/ the hole in the ozone over Antartica I'm concerned. I think we should organize, maybe get a Coppertone endorsement and slather the penguins w/ sunblock. But no, bombs are much too personal, I mean you have to get within a few thousand feet to bomb, 50,000 for the B-52. We have long range missiles that are fire-and-forget, w/ those things we don't even need to see the flash or smell the smoke.
  • I am in the US but prefer not to bomb things. If a course of action requires bombing, however, the contributors to global warming should be bombed. Coal companies, oil companies, gasoline vehicle companies, etc. The problem isn't necessarily with the US liking to bomb things, except that's what a nation with no new ideas does. If someone else has a better idea than ours, then the choices are either accept and integrate the new idea or destroy it once and for all. We have attached such a negative connotation to communism and socialism, that any person who repeats those ideas is looked at as an almost terrorist. . You're right, global warming does need to be fought. I prefer the nonviolent approach however, only because it allows me to retain a moral high ground while others debate on the errors of my ways. If anyone else has an idea that requires the destruction of society then immediately my way is already the one that is better to society as a whole. . Just my fallible perspective.
  • I´ll vote for cities like New Delhi, Tokyo, Calcutta, Mexico city, Rio, New York, paris, rome, jeruzalem, mekka (where do the jews reside? get them as well) Beijing, San Fran, London and every over-touristic place in the world. Trust me, in the long run, it helps a lot!
  • UNfortunately to stop global warming you'd have to bomb the americans :p sad but true...
  • I realize the the penguins are the cause of most of the world's problems, but they are so cute, nobody is going to eliminate them!
  • We do NOT like to bomb stuff in the U.S.
  • Let's bomb China. Even though it's blasephemous to not blame everything on the US, China actually pollutes more and emits more greenhouse gases then America does.
  • Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Let's bomb the n. And s.poles that nobody would complain thi polar ice cap are melting cuz there won't be any
  • Since the US contributes more per capita to the problem and does less to solve it then maybe us.
  • There are dam penguins? Do they actually live on dams or just around them? :-)
  • How funny is this? They are actually experimenting with "tree bombs". These will produce a mild explosion which scatters seeds for vegetation in areas that could use some forests. This is also being experimented with in the swamps south of New Orleans in order to restore the vegetation that plays a big role is diminishing the destructive power of hurricanes destined for landfall.

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