• Beckham!
  • manning
  • Ali!!!! Bar none!
  • Beckham, just because he looks so damn good doing what he does!
  • Tiger Woods is probably the best at what he does. Peyton Manning is a good quarterback right now and Beckham has never carried a team but Tiger is one of the best ever.
  • Peyton Manning. He is the consument Q-B. He is what a Q-B should be. He epitomizes good sportsmanship and quality team play. He is also very funny in his commercials. I don't even hold it against him for choosing Tennessee over LSU (anymore).
  • Woods. His number of titles is amazing for someone his age. Last time I checked, Manning won 1 Super Bowl.
  • Of those three, Tiger Woods easily. David Beckham is incredibly over-rated, Peyton Manning is good but it could be argued that other QBs are close to his ability, and maybe even better... Tiger Woods is just such a clear favorite to win every time he steps onto a golf course though, despite the unpredictable nature of golf tournaments generally. Off the list, I would say Roger Federer is the sportsman most beyond compare amongst his peers however. If he has a bad day on court, he still wins, even against players in the top 10. If he has a really bad day, then there is an outside chance of him losing, but he would still beat anyone outside the very elite with one hand behind his back, he is so good relative to them.

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